Picture Postcards: Snail mail from the USA

This cool, round earth stamp arrived on a letter I received from the United States.

A Family Thanksgiving in Georgia, USA
Choosing “Exile” Over Breakup
British Terms Used in US English

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A Family Thanksgiving in Georgia, USA

“Gobble, Gobble.”

These are two words that my children first learned to associate with Thanksgiving Day. Celebrated on the last Thursday of November every year, this holiday is a time for us Americans to gather together with family and friends, and give thanks for our blessings over huge feasts of traditional foods that we save for just this special occasion. And that is where the “gobble, gobble” comes in. No other Thanksgiving dish is more symbolic of the holiday than roasted turkey. “Gobble” is the sound a turkey makes, and it is also what we do with our turkey and side dishes: gobble them down. Throughout the year, in my multicultural family, I cook meals fused with curry and masala. But being a southern girl, I leave out the curry once a year, and fix up some southern comfort, passed down to me from generations.


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Choosing ‘Exile’ Over Break-up, US Citizens Follow ‘Banned’ Spouses Abroad

Happily ever after isn’t always so simple for foreigners in the United States with complicated immigration histories who marry US citizens.

Details such as how they arrived in the US or how long they’ve been there can mean the difference between starting a life with their new family and immigration laws not allowing them to stay.

Take Leo and Corin, for example. Leo is from Brazil and Corin is a US citizen. They met, fell in love and got married in the United States, but Leo had entered the country “‘without inspection’ – in other words, through Mexico – less than 10 years ago and accrued almost 6 years of ‘unlawful presence,’” as Corin writes in her blog Corin in Exile. (more…)

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When a personal need turns into a business idea- the story of Anish and his app.

Hi Anish, tell us a bit about yourself!

I’m 23 years old, born and brought up in India. I got my Bachelor at Northwestern University and then got a Master from Stanford University. I’m currently working on MochaMeet in Palo Alto, California, which I started up as my own business.

What is your business about?

MochaMeet is a service that helps organize meet-ups with your friends when you are traveling. It shows you which cities your friends are in on an interactive world map and then it helps you coordinate meet-ups with them. This is a great tool for frequent travelers who want a frictionless way to find and connect with their old friends.


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Picture Postcards: Sky over New Mexico, USA

Today’s breathtaking sky shot was sent in by our contributor, Celia, and it was taken in the state of New Mexico in the United States.

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What are you listening to? Our contributors share their favourite music from around the world

Last summer it seemed like Gangnam Style was everywhere. Here in Turkey the crazy dancer from Korea was on the tv, the radio, playing in the shopping mall. On Facebook I saw a Gangnam flash mob in Bishkek. My niece and nephew spent the summer holidays watching a Dutch remake which their dad decided was more child friendly.

Since music crosses borders so easily these days, it’s no surprise that many PocketCultures contributors are listening to something from another country. Others are listening to music from their own country. Read on to learn who is listening to what, and then tell us what you’re listening to.

Simona Morachioli (Italy / Germany)

Here is my obsession at the moment: Lana del Rey with “Young and Beautiful”. It is part of the Great Gatsby soundtrack (which was stunning, more stunning than the movie itself in my opinion).

Lana is American and I went to listen to her live a month ago here in Germany. She is even greater live than on radio.


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