Picture Postcards: Historical place in Thailand

Phi Mai

Phi Mai is a place of Khmer era ruins in the Isaan region of Thailand.

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Picture Postcards: Street scene in Bangkok, Thailand

Today’s photo of Bangkok Rush Hour was found in our Flickr group and was taken by Xiaozhuli.

Khao Chae: a cooling summer treat
The Real Phad Thai
The Best of Thailand at Pattaya Floating Market

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Picture Postcards: Songkran in New Zealand

Kids flinging water for Songkran
Songkran, or Thai New Year is celebrated all over the world by Thai immigrants. This photo was taken at the festival in Auckland, New Zealand.

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Picture Postcards: Bangkok, Thailand shopfront

Our contributor, Kelly, has taken this photo of an interesting shopfront in Bangkok, Thailand called Fire Killer Engineering. Fire killing? I guess that one good way to put it!

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Picture Postcards: Funny photo from Bangkok, Thailand
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Picture Postcards: Funny photo from Bangkok, Thailand

The occasional need to get to a certain room quickly is universal, so we thought this photo of a Bangkok toilet sign was quite funny. It was sent in my our contributor Kelly Pohorelic in Canada.

It is almost May and so we are getting ready for the next Picture Postcard topic which is going to be…Street Scenes Around the World! So, if you have any photos you want to contribute, as always, please just pop them in our Flickr group with a good decription on them. If you are not on Flickr, you can still contribute. Just leave a comment on this post and someone will get in touch with you.

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Thailand: work is play?

The cultural expertise quiz is back, after a break last week to make room for our weddings around the word series.

This week, we’re talking about Thailand. Here’s the question:

Thailand is one place in the world where you can truly say that “work is play.”

True or False?


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