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Speaking Ghana’s language

G-lish is written by Godwin and Gayle to bring you ‘Everything the guide books leave out about life, travel, work and volunteering in Ghana’.

Godwin grew up in Ghana; Gayle grew up on the other side of the world – a good combination when it comes to explaining Ghana to the rest of the world (you might know them in their previous incarnation at This is Ghana).

Celebrate with the Elmina Dance Ensemble (photo from

Look at 17 ways to welcome 2010: Ghana style for an introduction; look further for more on life in Ghana, and the Godwin Talks series for a Ghanaian point of view.

There is also a series of in-depth posts about volunteering and volunteer work in Ghana, which are available in a downloadable pdf. The guide will be relevant for anyone considering volunteer work (in any country).

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Nigerian Conversationalist

PDBraide serves musings on Nigerian life by Pam, an artiste / NGO volunteer / consultant / producer.

She writes about varied aspects of Nigeria; celebrations of Nigerian achievers and calls to action on social problems.

A self-confessed ‘collector of conversations’, in this post she shares some insights from the people she meets.

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Abocco’s blog gives a taste of life in Ghana: music, Ghana’s golden jubilee and football with the African Cup of Nations are some topics to explore.

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