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Ask a Liberian

A couple of weeks ago we wrote about featured our first Liberian blog (Ceasefire Liberia) here on Blogs of the World.

Therefore we’re very excited that some of the bloggers from the Ceasefire Liberia project have agreed to be interviewed on PocketCultures. As we wrote before some are living in Liberia and some abroad (mostly in Staten Island, USA).

We’ll be running a week of interviews – Ask a Liberian week.

So PocketCultures readers, we want to hear from you – what do you want to know about the realities of life in Liberia, Liberian culture, Liberian people?

Tell us your questions here in the comments, via Twitter, or by filling in this form.

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New PocketCultures rss feed

We’re pleased to announce a new combined rss feed for PocketCultures. The new feed includes all the posts from Topics of the World, Blogs of the World and My Partner is a Foreigner.

If you would like to subscribe to the new feed please go here:
subscribe to PocketCultures combined feed.

You can also subscribe to each blog rss feed individually. Links are below.

Topics of the World feed
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Thanks for subscribing! As always we’d love to hear from you. Leave a comment on the site or write to us at

PS if you’re not into feeds and all that techie stuff we also have an email newsletter. To sign up all you have to do is send an email (to the address above) saying ‘I’m in’

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You might have noticed that PocketCultures doesn’t look quite right at the moment. We’re struggling with some WordPress upgrades that are turning out to be more complicated than planned. As a result the categories and links have disappeared. Hopefully not forever…

Please bear with us – when it’s finished we will also have some new features including combined RSS feed (at last!) and new look email newsletter so it will be easier to keep in touch. We’ve also got loads of interesting stuff planned including a look at digital culture across different countries.

As always we’d love to hear from you – please get in touch with comments, suggestions or just to say hi!

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