Superstitions around the world

Do you have a lucky charm? Do you avoid calla lilies? Do you believe that to spill salt brings bad luck?

If you do, this article is for you. Here’s a round up of superstitions from different countries sent in by our contributors around the world:


Rebecca Kinsella wrote:

Australian Indigenous people believe in The Dreaming, a time when the Ancestral Beings moved across the earth, creating the animals, plants, rock formations and features of the landscape. Indigenous stories of creation are founded in Dreamtime myths and the supernatural. They form an integral part of Aboriginal spirituality, and in some areas there are separate beliefs for men and women.

Many Indigenous Australians are very superstitious people, and their connection with the land leads them to believe certain animal spirits can harm people. One belief is that killing a willy-wagtail bird makes the bird’s spirit angry; creating storms of violence that can kill people.

Willy Wag Tail