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Picture Postcards: Traditional Dress in Romania

This month on Picture Postcards we will be focussing on traditional dress. Our regional contributor, Carmen Cristel, has sent in this photo of traditional dress in Maramures in the north of Romania.

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Picture Postcards: Bucharest carriage
Sweet-Sour Topoloveni Jam

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Happy Valentine’s Day!

This day honors one or more early Christian martyrs named Saint Valentine, and today it is celebrated in over 100 countries around the world. Take a look at what some of our contributors have to say about it!

Valentine’s Day in the USA (By Jason, our contributor from the US)

As I child I remember getting a packet of Valentine’s cards and hand writing the names of every child in my class on the back of factory-made cards and putting each one inside an envelope addressed to each kid in my class.  I carried these to school in a brown paper bag then I put one on each classmate’s desk.  At the end of the day, I collected the exact same number of cards from my classmates and carried them home in the same brown paper bag.  I enjoyed reading each one.


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Picture Postcards: Bucharest carriage

Have a gander at this beautiful carriage photo taken by our contributor, Carmen Cristal, in Romania. She says, “This little carriage decorated with flowers is not a normal means of transport in Romania (we can find carriages only in small villages or they are used for tourism purposes) . The picture was taken in September 2010 at an annual event called Bucharest Days. The event took place in the neighbourhood of People‘s House in Bucharest and included a traditional fair, music, dance and carriage rides along the boulevard.”

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Sweet-Sour Topoloveni Plum Jam

Recently I participated in an open day at Topoloveni Plum Jam Factory, in an anniversary moment: the company celebrated 10 years from takeover by purchasing the production units from Mrs Bibiana Stanciulov, a very energetic and determined woman,  which offered it the chance to continue Romanian jam manufacturing tradition after an old recipe from 1914.

Mrs-Bibiana-Stanciulov-Topoloveni-Open-Day. (more…)

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From our contributors: 2 August

Here’s the weekly roundup of articles posted by our contributors on their personal blogs:

Carmen, our contributor from Romania, brings us a Bucharest artisan

Mike, our contributor from Japan, attended the Shinugu Matsuri (Festival) in Okinawa:

This weekend an event that happens only once every two years takes place in Ada, a coastal village in the northeast area of Okinawa, Japan.  It’s called the Shinugu Matsuri (Festival) but, there won’t be any of the trappings you’d see at most festivals.

Anu, our contributor from India, writes about a curious monument she came across in Gulab Bhag:

Following a butterfly, we moved away from the well trodden path, and suddenly, right in front of us was a marble edifice. Curious, we moved closer, and both of us were stunned!

Jenna, our contributor from Poland, takes us on a visit to a glass studio in southern Poland and muses about art:

The youngest son’s wife was able to speak about the various sources of her husband’s inspiration: traveling, diving, books, animals, National Geographic specials. But when I asked her about the philosophy behind the art, she was quiet.


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An Effervescent Summer in Bucharest

No time to be bored in Bucharest this summer! The only problem is to have enough time (and sometimes money!) for all the interesting things that happen in our capital city.

For tourists looking to have fun in Bucharest, Bucharest inhabitants with no holiday money or highly monopolizing jobs, pensioners, children in the summer holiday, grandparents with grandchildren or any other interested person, Bucharest has something to offer. Festivals, concerts, sport events, workshops for children, good vibes and spirits, we had them all.

From the many events, I‘ve chosen for you a few representative examples:

So, there was Street Delivery, campaigning for a city where pedestrians are given the same importance as other road users and trying to determine the cultural authorities to create a pedestrian route in Arthur Verona Street area (City Center).

Therefore, for three days a year, Arthur Verona street close to cars and opens for people.

Street delivery in Bucharest

Bucharest - Street Delivery 2011 - Arthur Verona Street


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