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From our contributors: week of April 23

Let our contributors take you on a journey to France, USA, India and the Czech Republic. Have a look at what they wrote this week on their blogs. You’ll be amazed!

Camelia - photo credit DeeBee, Online Travel France

DeeBee, our contributor from France, continues her series called The Colours of Spring. In the Camelia Red post, DeeBee writes about this beautiful flower, so popular in France, its importance in French culture and its ties to French literature.

The Lady of the Camellias – La Dame aux Camélias is a novel by Alexandre Dumas Jr that was published in 1848, and later adapted for the stage. The source of inspiration for the creation of Marguerite Gautier, the novel’s main character, was Rose Alphonsine Plessis known as Marie Duplessis a beautiful young woman born into poverty in a little town of Normandy in Western France.”


Mike, our contributor from Japan, posted a bucolic photo of deer in the forest near Lake New York.


Anu, our contributor from India, published a photo essay on the birds of Sewri (South Mumbai).

In my earlier post, I wrote about the flamingos we saw at Sewri. They are, after all, the main reason people flock to Sewri these days at low tide! However, there are also scores of other birds which arrive at Sewri for the insects which populate the mud flats. This post is about some of them”


Sandra, our contributor from Portugal, published a photo essay of the city of Prague.


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From our contributors: September 13th

Here’s our bi-weekly roundup of articles written by members of out team on their personal blogs. This week we take a virtual tour of the art in some Paris churches, take part in the Moon Festival in Japan, get pushed in Hong Kong and celebrate Ganesh Chaturthi in Mumbai. Happy reading!

Anu, our contributor from India, writes about the last day of Ganesh Chartuthi, a festival devoted to the Hindu god Ganesha. Although it was raining, devotees came out ion full force to celebrate their god.

“This year, the Lord arrived amidst pouring rains, and he decided to leave amidst pouring rains too! After a couple of dry days, the heavens seem to have opened up just for Him to leave! However, the enthusiasm has not abated…” (more…)

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From our contributors: August 16

This week we introduce some posts published by our contributors on their personal blogs. Happy reading!

Jenna, our contributor from Poland, writes about hand-made pottery in southwest Poland:

“The Manufaktura pottery factory in southwest Poland produces thousands upon thousands of pieces of pottery a month, each with a delicately-detailed paint job. I’d expected the factory interior to resemble something like an assembly line at a car factory: one machine molds, another spins, another washes, another smacks on paint.”

Mike, our contributor from Okinawa, posted a photo essay about a Sunday spent shooting photos in Okinawa:

“Around noon RyukyuRusty and RyukyuRu were here and we goofed off for awhile before heading out to try and pinpoint the exact location of this waterfall.  This shot was taken at 2:41PM from a bridge along an expressway where people drive like they own race cars.”

From Marta, our Spanish contributor: an announcement about the Festes de Gracia festival in Barcelona.

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