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Ramadan for a cafe owner in France

Fatima lives in Dinan, one of the most attractive walled cities not only in Brittany but also in France.

She runs her “sandwicherie” shop Sucré Salé (yes, you would have guessed she sells sandwiches…) in Rue de l’Apport, a lovely street lined with half-timbered houses in the heart of the medieval city.


August 18, 2011 2 comments

How to Become A Cultural Insider: Remain a Learner

Ron is an American who has been living abroad for over 25 years, currently in Northern India. Ron’s blog, Culture Happens, focuses on helping people to become “cultural insiders”. In Ron’s many experiences living in different cultures, he has observed that although expats moving to another country start out wanting to connect, they often become disillusioned along the way and wind up as “cultural outsiders”. In this interview with Ron, we explore a bit more what a “cultural insider” is, why this distinction is so important and Ron’s advice for those moving to a new culture.


July 7, 2011 2 comments

Looking for cross-cultural couples

Are you in a cross-cultural relationship? We’d like to interview you for My Partner is a Foreigner.

On this part of PocketCultures we have featured some really great stories from people in cross-cultural relationships. And we’ve had fantastic feedback from you (thanks!) that it’s useful to read about other people’s experiences, especially if you have friends or a partner from another culture.

So to change things a bit, over the next few months we’ll be publishing a series of interviews with cross-cultural couples.

Read some of the other interviews here:
Meet Anna and Bose (UK and India/USA)
Meet Sharell and Pradeep (Australia and India)
Meet Ozlem and Javier (Turkey and Spain)
Meet Matthew and Shinichi (USA and Japan)

Want to be interviewed?
If you would like to participate leave a comment below or fill in this form (leave the story section blank). We’ll send you some questions, you answer and send them back. Easy as that.

Read more:
Why Italians don’t use towels
How to tell your Bulgarian granny that you’re marrying a vegetarian
Black and White: portraits of interracial couples

October 22, 2009 1 comment

Multi-cultural resources

I’m going off-topic a bit for this post, but I wanted to point out some updates we’ve made to the Links section of the blogroll for My Partner is a Foreigner.

The purpose of My Partner is a Foreigner is to be a place to learn about other cultures and share cross-cultural experiences, especially involving relationships. Many of our visitors so far are living or thinking about cross-cultural experiences so I hope those of you will find something interesting in these sites.

Take a look and see what you think, and if you have any more to suggest please drop me a line, either in the comments or by email.

Bilingual / Bicultural family network
A network of families around the world who are raising children in a multl-cultural and multi-lingual environment. The website has loads of resources and they also publish a quarterly magazine with more stories and practical help for multi-cultural families.

Expat Blog
An online expatriate community. Blogs, destination guides and forums by expats all over the world.

Expat Women
Help for all women living overseas – advice on all kinds of expat experiences and how to make them sucessful. Articles cover business, relationships, having a baby abroad and there is also a directory of blogs written by expat women.

A UK site which provides support to mixed-race families, individuals and anyone who feels they have a multiracial identity. The site contains a lot of information about many aspects of mixed-race experiences and there are forums to meet and discuss with people in similar situations.

Started by an Indian-American and Italian-American couple, eastdateswest has stories and other information mainly aimed at cross-cultural relationships involving Indians, many of which can also apply to multi-cultural relationships in general.

A social network for ‘expatriates and global minds’. Offers everything you would expect from a social network, plus local groups all over the world which organise meetups with other internationally-minded people living nearby.

As always, if you want to write and share your cross-cultural experiences we’d love to hear from you. All stories will of course be credited with a link back to your site if you have one.

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