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Picture Postcards: Markets in The Netherlands and China

Happy Monday to you! We have a double offering for you this week as two people have sent in their market photos.

The first photo is from Sandra and was taken at Luilabloemenmarkt in Almere, The Netherlands. It was snapped during Pentacost weekend and she says, “Pentecost occurs seven weeks (50 days) after Easter Sunday and comemorates the descent of the Holy Spirit upon the disciples of Christ after the Resurrection. It is celebrated on Sunday and Monday, the first and the second day of Pentecost.” She explained that people buy all these lovely flowers to put in their houses and gardens.



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Best of of 2010: a world tour in twenty-three posts

We’d like to say goodbye to 2010 wıth a world tour of favourite posts from each of our contributors. Here they are, in the order in which each one celebrates midnight. Happy New Year!

Marie (New Zealand): The New Zealand Dairy

Where would Kiwis be without the local dairy? Certainly situations such as running out of the milk needed for the perfect cup of tea or not having enough snacks to share while watching a film on TV could get quite hairy.



December 31, 2010 2 comments

Winter treats in the Netherlands

If you are visiting the Netherlands during the Winter, get ready to be treated to some of the best Dutch dishes – warm, delicious and nutritious. Here’s what the Dutch people savour during these cold months:

Stamppot : A traditional Dutch winter dish, Stamppot is a mish-mash of potatoes and vegetables like spinach, carrot, boerenkool (cabbage)  and onions. Translated as “stamped pot” or “mash pot”, the dish is sometimes served along with pieces of meat.

Photo Credit – FotoosVanRobin


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Portugal abroad: a historical journey through Europe

Today Portugal celebrates Our Lady of Conception’s Day. She was proclaimed the godmother and Queen of Portugal on March, 25, 1646, by the Portuguese King D. Joao IV, during the Independence Restoration wars (1640-1668) and after sixty years of Spanish rule (1580-1640). The kings of Portugal have never worn the Portuguese Crown again. The Portuguese monarchy ended in 1910.

In this post we’ll explore some historical traces of Portugal around Europe.

Zamora (Spain): birth of the Portuguese nation

The 5th of October 1143, in Zamora, in the Kingdom of Castilla y Leon (Castile and León) a treaty was signed between the King of León and Castile, Alfonso VII, and the King of Portugal, Afonso Henriques. By this treaty, Portugal became an independent country and the oldest European nation. Last summer vacation, on my way to Portugal, I visited Zamora Cathedral, where the treaty was signed and my country, legally, was born. As you may guess, it was a very special moment for me.


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Do You Speak Dutch?


English is widely spoken in the Netherlands, but since Dutch is the official language, knowing a few basic Dutch expressions will go a long way in ensuring a smoother visit and better integration.

Check out these basic Dutch expressions that will help you ask the right question to the right person :


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Patat Frites: a popular Dutch snack

If you are in The Netherlands, your chances of not bumping into any road side stall/vending points selling the world famous “Patat Frites” is very small – nearly zero probability. Also known as the “Vlaamse Frites“, the traditional Dutch fries consist of long, thick potato fingers.

Photo credit


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