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French Royal Mistresses

Valentine’s Day is over.  But let’s still celebrate Love by talking of the royal mistresses who often influenced the fate of France.

The Royal Mistress, a vast and controversial topic that makes us either smile or shy away!

François Boucher 019

Madame de Pompadour (Source Wikimedia)

Were they exceptionally attractive?

Not always but they were undoubtedly more attractive than the average women of their time when hygiene was questionable, when teeth started to decay in teenage, when women’s life expectancy was so short, when they had reached their “shelf-life” by the age of 30, if they had had the extreme luck of surviving until such an “advanced age” despite the multiple births and epidemics.


February 15, 2012 6 comments

Picture Postcards: Just Married Decorated Cars

Have you ever wondered how many countries include decorating their cars as a part of the wedding ritual? Do people do this in your country? Here is a photo of a car from Turkey by Liz at Pocketcultures and one from Kyrgyzstan from the Sons of Hedin website.

'Just Married' in Turkey by Liz at Pocketcultures


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Picture Postcards: Love in the USA

It would appear that love means accepting your spouse pushing cake in your face in the United States. The custom there is for the bride and groom to feed each other the first piece of wedding cake at the reception which follows the wedding ceremony. Sometimes this is friendly and serious, but other times it’s just to hard to pass up an occasion to decorate your new partner with icing. These photos of Kelli and Jeff were sent in by Vicki Szamborski who attended the wedding.


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Picture Postcards: Wedding Cake in the UK

This week’s image representing love around the world is of a special kind of wedding cake Liz at Pocketcultures saw in the UK. It’s made up of wheels of cheese! She says this may be a current trend in the UK. What about in your country?

More cake?
Australian Wedding Cake
Portuguese New Year Cake
Chinese Mooncakes

February 14, 2011 3 comments

A Portuguese Lovers’ Tradition

Lenços dos Namorados” (Sweetheart Handkerchiefs or Fiancée Handkerchiefs) are handkerchiefs made of linen or cotton and embroidered with several related love patterns. This piece of handcraft is part of the typical clothing from Minho province (in Northern Portugal) and used by women of marrying age.

February: Love month


February 11, 2011 9 comments

Picture Postcards: Aussie wedding cake

February’s Picture Postcards photo theme is love. Here’s an Australian wedding cake topper with the groom dressed as AFL Hawks player, Luke Hodge.


February 7, 2011 3 comments