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Picture Postcards: Japanese writing on Polish food

Polish sausage Japan
Today’s writing sample from around the world was spotted in the supermarket in Japan. Being of Polish origin myself, I did a doubletake when I saw this Polish sausage in the shop.

Moving in Gifts in Japan
A Polish Man in Costa Rica
Street Scene Tokyo, Japan

October 28, 2013 2 comments

Picture Postcards: Historical temple in Japan

Asakusa temple crowd

Sensō-ji is a large, Buddhist temple in Asakusa, Tokyo, Japan. This photo was taken during a busy matsuri, a festival.

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Ancestor Worship in Okinawa, Japan

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Picture Postcards: Street scene in Tokyo, Japan

Getting off the train for work in Tokyo

Students exit the train platform on their way in to the university

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Shimla, India
Montmartre, France
Ulgii, Mongolia

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Picture Postcards: A house in Japan

Christmas party day!

Here is a house in a small village in rural Japan. While most people in Japan live in flats there are some freestanding houses, especially outside of big cities.

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Photo Essay: Okinawan Sumo Wrestling

Photo Credit: Visit Okinawa

Sumo Wrestling (Shima) in Okinawa is different from Japanese Sumo.


July 13, 2012 9 comments

Picture Postcards: Refrigerators around the world- Japan

Our fridge
Happy Monday to you all! What will you be eating from your fridge this week? This month we are sneaking a peek into people’s fridges in different countries. This one is actually my fridge when I lived in Japan. Because I was a New Zealand expat there, my fridge was full of both Eastern and Western ingredients. What’s in your fridge?

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Marie in New Zealand

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