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Picture Postcards: Traditional dress in Indonesia

Our Contributing Editor, Carrie, has sent in this photo of traditional Indonesian holiday dress.

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Picture Postcards: Bali boats

This week’s photo was taken by our contributor in Bali, Carrie, who says that these boats are used by fishermen and to get in and out of the islands. She says they are being used less and less. I hope they don’t disappear as they are beautiful.

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Picture Postcards: Bali street scene

Our street scene of the week comes to us from Carrie, our contributor in Bali who sent in this photo from Sanur Bali, Indonesia.

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May 23, 2011 Comments disabled

Indonesian student life: a trip to Sempu island

In this post, I would like to share my backpacker experience with my friends. When I was a University student, there was a long holiday after we have our semester exam. Me and my friends usually plan a backpacker trip for our holiday. In our 5th semester, we travelled to a remote island called Sempu Island. Sempu Island is located in the Southern part of Java Island. If you have watched ‘The Beach’ movie, yeah, some people said the view is just like Phi phi Island. Ok, the story begins…

First, since we are studying in Bandung, that is in West Java, so we have to go to Malang, that is in East Java, by train. We are in the economic class, since we are doing backpacker trip not a vacation holiday. It was a long trip; we get to Kertosono train station in 15 hours. From Kertosono cwe ontinued to Malang in 6 hours trip. The total is 21 hours trip to Malang from Bandung. We have still not reached the Island yet, we still have to ride to Sindang Biru before we cross into Sempu Island by fishing boat.

fishing boat


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Naming children: traditions in 13 different countries

How are children’s names chosen in your country? Do you follow ancient naming traditions or are modern names more popular? Do you pass names down through family generations or invent new ones?

We’ve had a lot of fun writing this post and the subject of how children are named in our various countries has inspired a lot of discussion within our team of contributors. So, read on to find out how children’s names are chosen in Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Costa Rica, India, Indonesia, Nigeria, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Spain, Turkey and the USA.

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By Ana, regional contributor from Argentina.

There aren’t many clear-cut naming traditions in Argentina nowadays. In the past, first-born babies were named after their parents but now the focus is on distinctiveness. Parents choose names they like or that are fashionable. For example, when Argentinean-born Maxima Zorriegueta married Crown Prince Wilhelm-Alexander of the Netherlands, the name Maxima became very popular.


April 13, 2011 29 comments

Which part of Belgium takes mealtimes more seriously?

Test your cultural expertise with our weekly quiz question. This week’s question is from Belgium, which is divided into two main regions – Flanders (in the North) and Wallonia (in the South).

Eating patterns differ between the northern and the southern parts of Belgium. Which pays more attention to tradition and family in mealtime habits?

A. Flanders.
B. Wallonia.


April 7, 2011 4 comments