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Picture Postcards: A house in Japan

Christmas party day!

Here is a house in a small village in rural Japan. While most people in Japan live in flats there are some freestanding houses, especially outside of big cities.

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Picture Postcards: Houses in Argentina

Today’s house photo was sent in by our Contributing Editor, Ana, who says this is a typical brick house in rural Argentina.

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Picture Postcards: Hong Kong houses

This month we are looking at houses around the world. Our contributor from Hong Kong, Ski, sends us this photo to show that it’s not all high rise buildings in Hong Kong as some poeple might think at first glance. These are village houses in the New Territories.

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Picture Postcards: Snowy Swiss chalet

A couple of weeks ago we posted a Swiss house in summertime. This week we have the winter version, sent by keepps. It’s a modern Swiss chalet, built in the 1940s, and it’s in Montbovon, Switzerland.


This is the last week of our houses photo theme. Take a look at other houses from around the world in our Picture Postcards photo group.


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Palheiros in Costa Nova, Portugal

Sandra sent this photo of some Portuguese houses – called Palheiros – found in Costa Nova, on the coast of Portgual.


Palheiros were originally constructed by fisherman. If you read Portuguese (or don’t mind Google Translate) you can read more about them here.

If you like taking photos, don’t forget to share them in our Picture Postcards photo group. December’s photo theme is houses.

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Picture Postcards: Shopfront in Naha, Okinawa, Japan

This week’s house photo comes to us from Michael Lynch in Okinawa.


It is a Yachimun (Okinawan word for pottery) shop in Naha, Okinawa. This type of shop is family run and often the family live out the back. In Michael’s words, it’s the sort of place “where ya walk in and shout “Gomenkudasai” [Excuse me, please!] and Granny, or somebody stops watching TV, sleeping, babysitting or whatever they were doing in the back of the house and comes out to wait on you”.

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