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Picture Postcards: Historical temple in Japan

Asakusa temple crowd

Sensō-ji is a large, Buddhist temple in Asakusa, Tokyo, Japan. This photo was taken during a busy matsuri, a festival.

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Picture Postcards: Historical place in Buenos Aires, Argentina

Today’s photo of the Palacio Barolo building in Buenos Aires was sent to us by our Contributing Editor, Ana. She has added this description:

Luis Barolo, an Italian industrialist, moved to Argentina in 1890. He later
hired architect Mario Palanti (1885-1979) to design and build and apartment
building in the Art Nouveau style inspired by Dante’s Divina Commedia.
When it was finished in 1923, the 22 storey building was the tallest in
Latin America. Today, this historic building is a landmark of the city of
Buenos Aires.

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Picture Postcards: Historical place in Paris, France

Starting this month we are looking at historical things and places around the world. To kick things off we have this photo by our contributor in France, DeeBee. She describes it as,

“France – Paris – Place de l’Alma: The Flame of Liberty turned into a Memorial to Princess Diana, just above the tunnel where she was killed in a tragic road accident on 31 August 1997.”

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