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Picture Postcards: Graffiti in Hampi, India

Today’s Picture Postcards come to us from our contributor in India, Anuradha, who says this about Hampi:

It was once the capital of the erstwhile Vijayanagara Empire and was a hub of architecture and temple building. It was also a place which drew people, especially traders from all over the world. Today, all that is left of the great city is in ruins, but even they are so beautiful that one can just keep on looking at them!

You can read more about Hampi on her blog.

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Picture Postcards: Graffiti in France

Today’s Picture Postcard was taken by our contributor, DeeBee, who mentions on her blog that,

In the last two decades, graffiti have started to be recognised as a “proper” form of art and we should more refer to it as Street Art then Graffiti.

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Picture Postcards: Graffiti in Mumbai, India

Today’s Picture Postcard has been sent in by our reader, Nisha, who is a traveller from India. Thanks, Nisha!

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Picture Postcards: Graffiti in Granada, Spain

Today’s lovely Picture Postcard was dropped into our Flickr group by Kelly and was snapped in Granada, Spain. Thanks, Kelly!


This month we are extending our look at photos of graffiti and street art. If you have photos to share we’d love to see them – please send them to our Picture Postcards of the World photo group on Flickr.

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Picture Postcards: Okinawa Island life

Thanks to Mike for sending this ‘Island life’ street art which is painted on the front of a karaoke bar in Okinawa, Japan.


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Picture Postcards: only in New Zealand

Today we have to thank Marie for sending a particularly New Zealand example of graffiti/street art showing Sir Edmund Hillary and a South Pacific wahine.

Sir Ed in the tags


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