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Sports and Culture

Sports is not only a gateway of recreation for many but if we look closely at it, then it also a mirror which reflects cultural aspirations.

East Bengal fans

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If we look at football clubs across the globe, we will find that most of them are in fact cultural representatives. Be it the rivalry of culture versus region culminating in the Glasgow Rangers and Celtic tour local rivarly of East Bengal and Mohun Bagan, which are sub cultural clashes of the Bengali community resulting in the formation of two professional Sports Clubs.

Similarly across England, the home of football, all the clubs carry behind them a cultural heritage like Manchester clubs representing the different cultural ethos. Move over to any part of the globe, and various sports clubs have garnered fan following and rivalry with others standing on the dimension of their local socio-cultural situation.

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Glimpse Myanmar

Dawn blogs from Yangon, Myanmar (Burma) and her blog is appropriately called A Glimpse of my Life.

The latest post, photos taken while runnning errands, shows some beautiful scenes from downtown Yangon. Or, you can check what she’s cooking: crab curry anyone? Last week, Dawn wrote about a Sunday afternoon trip to a football match – Myanmar vs Mongolia!

Finally, Mother’s love is a reminder that not everyone lives the same life:

The mother let me take a photo of her cute daughter. But what she said later made me sad. She said, “I wish that this little baby was born into a family like yours instead of a poor person like me.”

Blog via Global Voices

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Congratulations Spain!

Yesterday, Marta wrote that Spain was dreaming of victory in tonight’s World Cup final against The Netherlands. Now, that dream has come true. Congratulations to everybody who is celebrating tonight.

We hope you’ve enjoyed our World Cup 2010 updates. Thanks Carla, Ana, Arwa and Marta for showing us a bit of the World Cup celebrations in different parts of the world. Here’s hoping that in four years time we’ll be bringing updates from even more countries!

July 11, 2010 3 comments

Dreaming of Victory

Whatever Paul the octopus predicts for the FIFA World Cup final, in Spain, people have faith and want to believe in victory. We face serious political and economic issues. We are not sure of what the future will hold, we don’t know if we can trust our politicians and when and if the economic crisis will end. But we are sure we want to win. There are many mottos in Spain for this final football cup. One of them is “¡Podemos!”, which reminds me of Obama’s “Yes, we can”.


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Oranje fever in The Netherlands

Image Courtesy : Travel Webshots

6th of July, 2010.

Tuesday evening, around 10.20pm Netherlands time.

The whistle blew signalling the end of a thrilling, high adrenaline semi-final encounter between The Netherlands and Uruguay.

And the Oranje fever gripped the nation!!


July 10, 2010 3 comments

Brazil: Speechless and lost

We were exhilarating. Confidence of a winner. Positive bets. Brazilians had been breathless, now they became speechless. No words will ever describe the faces of dismay I experienced during the fatal game Brazil x the Netherlands. We had it all, great individual talents, guts, a tough coach. We missed it all when the emotional balance came into play. Robinho, our inspired player, scored first. The first half of the game was ours. However, the Netherlands started their moment of glory when Wesley Sneijder’s free kick turned our samba into dramatic, sad tunes of “oh, no”, “I can’t believe it”, “what are they doing?”, plus all the irresistible swearing coming from desperate fans’ mouths.

It seemed two different games, two different Brazilian teams, a haughty, self-confident one in the first half, a totally lost, zombie-like in the other. Hopelessness for us. The Dutch took control, more pragmatic, less emotional, they showed self-control; they deserved to win.


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