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The French and their bread…

As you most likely know, the French could not have a proper meal without bread! How would they eat their cheese, wipe off their plates or make the tartines they dunk in their café au lait?

Bread was discovered by our hunter-gatherer ancestors some 30,000 years ago! No need to tell you that we have had quite some time since to master our technique for producing perfect dough !

Wheat field


January 27, 2012 2 comments

Aligot of Aubrac

What is Aligot?

Mashed potatoes with dairy cream, garlic and Laguiole, a cheese that is similar to Cantal cheese and is essentially produced with milk from cows of Aubrac, an area located in the Aveyron department in the south of France.

Laguiole cheese can be eaten with a slice of bread like any other cheese, but it is also used in the preparation of the Aligot, the regional dish of Aubrac and one of the flagship specialties of Aveyron. (more…)

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Tempura in Japan

A week doesn’t go by without tempura of some sort being eaten in my house. And when I’m out and about hardly a day goes by that I don’t catch myself snacking on tempura, somewhere.

Coming from upstate New York, I had never heard of, let alone seen tempura until I arrived in Japan. So, I naturally assumed it was a Japanese invention.

Light and soft, golden-tanned tempura or browned, crunchy tempura. Have your choice, they’re all delicious. There’s battered fried shrimp tempura, onions, peppers, carrots, pumpkin, green beans and probably any vegetable you can think of tempura. You won’t walk a city block anywhere in Japan without seeing a sign advertising tempura or smelling tempura being cooked at someone’s house.


June 1, 2010 10 comments

Red peppers and feta cheese

Do you think today’s food of the world post reflects Canada’s multiculturalism? Thanks to Xiaozhuli for the photo, which she says was taken on a Saturday morning at Toronto’s busy St Lawrence Market.

Every week we feature food photos from PocketCultures readers around the world. To submit yours go to our Food of the World Flickr page and add your photos to the group.

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May 28, 2010 2 comments

Like to eat? Chicago has you covered

I love living in Chicago for the beaches, the art/music/theater, the sports, the different neighborhoods, the architecture, the skyline, the bicycle trails, the *cough* interesting local politics, but what really makes Chicago special is its food. Chicago has every type of restaurant in the known world, from Ethiopian to sushi to Mexican… from “molecular gastronomy” and $100 steaks, to elotes, hamburgers and other foods offered by street vendors. 

A lot of the foods that are uniquely Chicagoan are simple and rich, so I’d like to introduce you to some of them here.


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May 21, 2010 9 comments

Southern comfort food

Thanks to Liz Watkin for this photo from North Carolina, USA – catfish, grits and collard greens. I’ve always wondered what ‘grits’ look like. Now I know!

Check out our Food of the World photo group on Flickr to see more photos posted by PocketCultures readers around the world. We’d love to see yours too! Just join the group and add your photos.

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