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Nominate an expat or international blogger for’s competition

Online dictionary runs an annual competition for bloggers writing about their international experiences, and this year’s competition is about to start.

Who is eligible? Bloggers who write about their high school or student exchange, au-pair experience, around-the-world travellers and expats – anyone who is living another culture and blogging about it.

You have until 31st January to nominate your favourite blogger – for more details see this post on’s language blog Lexiophiles.

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Picture Postcards: Refrigerators around the world- Japan

Our fridge
Happy Monday to you all! What will you be eating from your fridge this week? This month we are sneaking a peek into people’s fridges in different countries. This one is actually my fridge when I lived in Japan. Because I was a New Zealand expat there, my fridge was full of both Eastern and Western ingredients. What’s in your fridge?

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Kendo in Japan
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Marie in New Zealand

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Another Cairo

Another Cairo by Habeeba

Egypt Ramblings is written by Erin, a ‘Kentucky gal’ who lives in Cairo with her Egyptian husband and child. She’s been in Cairo for eight years and it’s clear she knows and loves Egypt.


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Take another look at Kazakhstan

Kazakh Nomad shows ‘A Westerner’s view of Kazakhstan’. It’s written by American teacher who would like to help other Westerners understand more about Kazakhstan and its history, traditions and culture.

There’s a lot of reading here for anyone who wants to get to know Kazakhstan. You could start with these photo posts: Kazakh faces, Kazakh costumes and yurts.

Next, discover the meanings behind some Kazakh names and proverbs. By now you might be planning your trip. Make your mind up with these recommendations from Kazakh students on why you should visit Almaty. And if you can’t make it, console yourself with the abundance of other facts and opinions you’ll find on Kazakh Nomad.

Thanks to KZ Blog for recommending this site.

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September 2, 2010 4 comments

An American expat blogging from Necochea

Katie Alley is a Philadelphia native who moved to the seaside town of Necochea –Argentina- after maintaining a long-distance relationship with her boyfriend Daniel for over two years. For both personal and work-related reasons, they decided that it would be more feasible for her to make the move to Argentina instead of Daniel moving to the United States.

Katie started her blog Seashells and Sunflowers as a way to chronicle her adventures and experiences in Argentina and as a means of connecting with other expats. It’s also been a great way to keep friends and family back in the United States up to date.

Katie’s passion for photography shows in her photos. She also loves cooking and writing about recipes and ingredients that are unique to Argentina, like cornalitos fritos or locro.

Katie also writes about cultural differences and how she has adapted to life in a new country, like the time she joined a choir or was “rechristened” at the immigrations office.

Not only is Seashells and Sunflowers a treasure trove of information about Argentina; its blogrolls are extensive and cover diverse topics from food to news to links for expats.

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July 15, 2010 2 comments

100 blogs on living abroad

Today we’re writing about not one blog but a hundred!

Lexiophiles language blog has been running a survey to find the best worldwide blogs on the theme of living abroad.

The people writing the blogs below come from all over the world. They are either high school or university exchange students, young interns working abroad, people who support these students and interns from behind the scenes or expats who have moved abroad for several other reasons. The common bond is that all of them are living, learning, exploring and experiencing a foreign country and blogging about it!

It’s a diverse and international list – the top ten blogs cover six different countries and are written in four different languages. Whatever your nationality and interest you must be able to find a kindred spirit here.

Browse the full top 100 list here.

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What is a global citizen? We asked, you answered
Immigrants: citizens of the world: thoughts from a Mexican in Canada
Can you recommend a Blog of the World? Tell us about it here

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