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Stroll around a Kyrgyz bazaar

Central Asian bazaars are a place to buy all kind of goods from food to clothes, electronics and other household items.

Sons of Hedin invites us to look around Osh bazaar in Bishkek, the capital city of Kyrgyzstan:

“Osh bazaar is the largest of the city’s three markets, and consists of indoor and outdoor sellers. Individuals travel from distant villages selling livestock, local foodstuffs, and fresh vegetables. Fragrant spices and vibrant produce paired with calls of anxious sellers makes Osh Bazaar an unforgettable experience.”

Apricots and other dried fruit


August 16, 2010 3 comments

Praying for peace in Kyrgyzstan

In the current times of turbulence in my country, when you all have chance to watch television news and see all the hostility, I feel like praising it, I feel like speaking up about its beauty and hospitality. About how genuine and beautiful its citizens are.

In other words, I feel like loving this country as I always have for being unique and beautiful, for its flexibility and ability to unite so much diversity and controversy.

And that’s the only way I can feel and the only way I can perceive my country: therefore I am going to talk about positive sides of Kyrgyzstan, and things that surprise and amaze me in my own country. Welcome to Kyrgyzstan, ladies and gentlemen!

praying for peace in Kyrgyzstan


July 6, 2010 3 comments

Where in the world is Mongolia?

Mongol Angle takes a light-hearted look at Mongolia. It’s rare to find a Mongolian blog written in English, so this is a great opportunity to see Mongolia from the inside.

And in case you’re still asking where Mongolia is, the answer is here.

Perfect if you want an introduction to Mongolia, here’s a Mongol Angle SWOT analysis with handy links to everything you should know about this remote country. Geography was never this fun (or funny) at school!

Inside a Mongolian ger. Credit

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January 27, 2010 5 comments

Quick guide to Afghan pop music

Afghanistan pop music’s heyday was during the 1970′s and the country has gone through a lot since that time. But it still has a thriving music scene. Here’s an introduction to some of the classics as well as the most popular new singers.

If you’re curious about languages, it’s also an opportunity to hear what Afghan languages sound like. The main languages spoken in Afghanistan are Dari (Persian/Farsi) and Pashto.

Ahmad Zahir

Ahmad Zahir is one of the most well-known Afghan singers. He died 30 years ago but his music is still popular.

Listen here to his album ‘Afsoos’ on the music site Mastana.


Another classic, Nashenas is considered by many Afghans to be the best Pashto singer.

Listen to his music here.

Shafiq Mureed

Shafiq Mureed is a young singer who studied in India, and it sounds like some Bollywood influences sneaked into his album ‘Ehsas’. It shows in the language too – although most songs are in Dari, some are sung in Hindi.

What do you think? Listen for yourself.

Farhad Darya

A modern Dari-language singer with an innovative and influential style. Find more on Farhad Darya on his official site.

Aris Parwaz

Another modern singer, with a West-meets-East sound. Listen here.

Learn more about Afghan music from National Geographic.

Like these? Do you have any favourites to add? Let us know in the comments.

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October 6, 2009 2 comments