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Meet Sevcan, working mum and organic pioneer

This interview is the first in a new series on People of the World where we’ll meet locals from all over the world who run small businesses. Hope you enjoy it! If you know a small, local business you think we should profile then please write to us!

Today we’re meeting Sevcan, who was born in the UK but has lived in Turkey since the age of 13. She’s a mother of two who runs a natural cosmetics company together with her husband, using her cross-cultural savvy to bring new products to the Turkish market.

What is your business?

Our company’s name is Burmino, our aim is to bring certified, high quality, eco friendly products, to improve the quality of our lives and the world we live in. We are the exclusive distributor for Skin Blossom UK who are a skin care company who make safe, affordable, effective organic skin and hair care, because we believe everyone is entitled to healthy, beautiful skin.

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Buying a Car in California

The state of California leads the way for the rest of the United States when it comes to environmentalism and air quality. It has the toughest automotive emissions controls of all states and after the U.S. Government balked at signing the Kyoto Protocol, California enacted Assembly Bill 32 which mandated hefty reductions in greenhouse gas emissions.

Despite this, people have been slow to buy hybrid cars. As long as gas was relatively cheap, Californians could pay lip service to environment and still drive their gas guzzlers. Americans pay a third of what Europeans pay for gasoline, primarily because they don’t pay the “true cost” of gasoline. Americans go crazy when the price of gas gets above US$3.00 per gallon but even at that price it is not covering the cost of ensuring supply (Iraq War) or the full cost of cleaning up the environment.

2010 Toyota Prius
2010 Toyota Prius

November 24, 2010 8 comments

Will Nano clean up in India?

Tata’s long awaited Nano, the small car which will bring car ownership within reach of thousands of Indian families, may transform the profile of the auto industry. While car manufacturers in other countries cut forecasts, this low cost car is predicted to increase Indian car sales by 20%.

There has been much debate about the environmental effects of many new car owners in fast growing countries such as India and China.

Wired magazine joined in, publishing this article exploring the impact of a nano explosion on the streets and air of India’s cities, as well as exploding some myths about the much-hyped little car (no, it’s not made of plastic)

One thing is clear though: in terms of emissions the Nano will be one of the cleanest cars around.

It complies with Euro IV emissions standards and according to the Nano website, the car has lower emissions than the two wheelers being manufactured in India today (currently three quarters of India’s vehicles are two wheeled scooters).

Its 47mpg is also extremely efficient (compare that to US average mpg of 17.2.)

Looks like India’s transport revolution will be cleaner than the West’s.

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Camels replace tractors in Rajastan – India’s solution to high oil prices

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How to reduce emissions without cutting growth

Germany has for a long time been very progressive with regards to green initiatives such as recycling and use of renewable energy.

A new study* from Mckinsey looks at the economics behind Germany’s efforts to reduce emissions, and finds that the country can reduce emissions to 70% of 1990 levels without impacting economic growth or quality of life for German people. In fact with the right measures, such as better insulation and increased use of renewable energy, there will even be a profit for investors.

Germany already has the world’s largest capacity of installed wind power, which limits future potential from this relatively economical source of renewable energy. Reductions of more than 30% from 1990′s levels will entail some difficult trade-offs and potentially high costs. However this is a good indication that up to a certain level, reducing emissions does not have to mean forfeiting growth.

*The article is free, but you may have to register to get at it.

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Eurostar: newer and greener

Now that its high speed track is finished, the Eurostar train travels between London and Paris in only 2 hours 15 minutes.

But that´s not all… the Eurostar claims to be the world´s first carbon neutral train service. According to a study, a passenger who travels from London to Paris on the Eurostar train is responsible for one tenth of the emissions of a traveller who takes the aeroplane. Eurostar offsets those emisssions and plans to keep reducing them by improving efficiency and sourcing responsibly.

The Independent newspaper writes about the Eurostar´s new green image in this account of the inaugural journey.

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