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Ethiopian art and culture

Addis Journal is dedicated to “Arts & Culture, Life & Society” of Addis Ababa and Ethiopia. The author Arefe says:

it chronicles the emergence and growth of Ethiopian painting, drawing, sculpture and decorative arts.

Ethiopia has a lively arts scene – amongst other things you can read about cutting edge Ethio-jazz musicians and the Art of Ethiopia exhibition recently held in the Addis Ababa Sheraton hotel.

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Sketches from Tanzania

Dar Sketches is a project by artist Sarah Markes to show ‘street level’ Dar es Salaam. Sarah has lived in Dar es Salaam for 7 years and with this project she aims to capture the vibrancy of Dar Street life, which she says is “a wonderful, rich and quirky realm all to itself”.

Dukas (corner shop) from Dar Sketches

There are plans to expand the project into a book featuring creative writing by Tanzanian and international authors living in Dar es Salaam. Sounds interesting? More about that here.

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Notes on being Ugandan in Kenya

Kabozi: notes from a Ugandan abroad, is the journal of a Ugandan professional who has lived in various places but now calls Nairobi home.

Dealing with the everyday – where to get a snack in Nairobi, Safaricom’s latest tv ad, a roadside potters stall – as well as practical matters for expats – dual citizenship and buying a flat in Nairobi – this is an interesting peek into modern Kenya.

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Celebrating the nation of poets

Playing on Somalia’s historical reputation as a nation of poets, Poet Nation is a new site dedicated to Somali art and culture, with the goal of being “a platform for positive conversation that promotes peace, harmony and traditional Somali values to the modern generation”.

Most contributors so far are Somalians living abroad and contributions are a mix of video posts and text. Take a look and experience some Somalian culture with your own eyes.

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Colours of Kenya


Mutua Matheka is “Painting the colours of Kenya, one shot at a time”. He’s a Kenyan architecture graduate currently working as an interior designer. And in his spare time he likes to take photographs.


If you enjoyed these, head over to Mutua’s blog to find many more.

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What do you think about Ethiopia?

What do you think about Ethiopia? Deep from Ethiopia can guess:

Ask any non-Ethiopian what they think about Ethiopia and the answer will be a really grim one. The images of the 80’s are still burnt into many people’s minds. Images of war, famine and drought are really very hard to forget. You can add a guilt trip to it if you are the sensitive sort. These images are in fact so deeply ingrained that even the current generation thinks of Ethiopia as a desert land where nothing grows.

Read the rest of the post: What does it feel like to be an Ethiopian? before you make up your mind on this one.

You can easily read rest of the posts in one go – but to get a taste, take a look at driving in Ethiopia, and Ethiopian television.

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