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Meet Kateryna, who started her own business from scratch in Turkey

The latest in our local business interview series is Kateryna, who moved from her home in Ukraine to be with her Turkish husband. She built a business which uses her knowledge of the Russian market to connect local Turkish manufacturers with new customers, and here she tells us how she did it.

Kateryna, tell us a bit about yourself

I am from Kiev, I moved to Turkey three years ago. I married a Turkish man and I am a journalist.

When I moved to Bursa, where I live with my husband, I started to think about what I could do. I knew that to continue with my profession, I had to learn the language very well – and that it would have taken time to achieve fluency.


June 13, 2013 Comments disabled

World Cup Ads in Brazil

The World Cup gives a boost to businesses around the globe in many different forms by generating employment and lots of sales of all kinds of accessories world-cup related. Not to mention the number of journalists, photographers, cameramen, all kinds of professionals involved in the millionaire-deal broadcasting industry of this worldwide event that mobilizes millions of fans everywhere.

One of the businesses that heavily invests in financial return in a very timely manner is the advertisement world. In Brazil, the theme of the moment is heavily used in every single commercial, brochure, banner, billboard throughout the country. Big sports names like Nike, Adidas, Coke, Pepsi, explore master soccer moves and swing of the best players in the world.

This Pepsi ad is an example of mixing culture aspects of this world cup in Africa with fans and their love for soccer. And, of course, the underlying message of the drink they sell. Anyhow, a great commercial worth watching. Kaká, one of our best players known all over the world, is one of the commercial’s stars:


June 14, 2010 3 comments