South Korea

From Malaysia to Korea and back

LeX is a Malaysian university student who recently returned from a study exchange in Korea. Here he explains some of the differences he noticed between Malaysian and Korean culture and confirms that Malaysian food is really as good as everyone says!

First, please tell us something about yourself

Hi, I am Tan Yih Liang (陈奕良/단익량 – Chinese/Korean), my nickname is LeX.

lex-in-snowI am Malaysian Chinese and my parents too. I was born in a small town called Butterworth which is located in the state of Penang. I live in a very average family.

My life getting into another transition after I graduated from High School, I was admitted to a Pre-University College in another state and then straight away admitted into University of Malaya in Kuala Lumpur. During my junior year in University, I was awarded ASEAN scholarship to participate in Student Exchange program in South Korea for a year! And now, I am back in Malaysia to finish my study in the university. Finally, I will graduate at the end of this year very soon!


December 2, 2010 3 comments

Far Far Away

‘Flowerful’ is a 20 something teacher from South Korea. She posts regularly about her life in Far Far Away.

In two different posts this week we can see how life for Koreans is both similar (she worries about finding the right man) and different (she explains that the way age is calculated in Korea means that when she was only two weeks old her official age was 2!) to life in other countries.

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