My English is not your English

Is ‘disorientated’ a word? Ask someone from the USA, and they are likely to say no. But it’s absolutely correct in British English.

Languages change constantly and English is no exception. That causes confusion sometimes, and not just if you’re learning English as a foreign language. The variations of English which have developed in the USA, Canada and Australia have been around for some time. But other world regions have also developed their own brand of English. There are regional variations of English within the UK itself. Singlish, Hinglish, Chinglish and others are all becoming more commonly heard. When two non-native speakers communicate in English, they are likely to use a kind of ‘International’ or ‘Global’ English.

English is sometimes described as ‘the world’s second language’, and the ability of people in many different parts of the world to communicate using (International) English undoubtedly helps global trade and communications. And as global interaction increases, so does the use of English as lingua franca.


April 6, 2011 10 comments

Kiss, hug or shake hands?

This is the first in a new series of collaborative posts, where we explore different social situations from the point of view of our contributors around the world.

Today’s topic: how to greet people in different countries.



July 14, 2010 44 comments

Singapore through the window of a taxi

A Singapore Taxi Driver’s diary is written by a former scientific researcher who for reasons ‘uniquely Singapore’ ended up as a taxi driver.

As a result, I am driving taxi to make a living and writing these real life stories just to make the dull job a little more interesting

Taxi drivers are in the right place to see the life of a city and the variety of its people; Mingjie Cai is a great storyteller with keen skills of observation. This makes an addictive read with some great insights into the lifestyle and people of Singapore.

It’s also a sobering insight into the long hours and low pay of Singapore’s taxi drivers.

Put some time aside for this blog: once you start reading it’s hard to stop.

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October 21, 2009 Comments disabled

The good life in Southeast Asia

The Accidental Epicurean is about “stumbling upon the good things in life”.

The two authors live in Bangkok and Singapore, but also write about other cities and countries in the region – most recently China and Japan make several appearances. The authors are both American but have lived locally for several years.

The blog concentrates on the good things in life: eating and drinking, shopping, and discovering new places. After reading a few posts it sounds like there is plenty to discover!

This blog was recommended by Kitty in Bangkok. We’ll be hearing more from Kitty in future as she is our new Thailand contributor.

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Satay in Singapore

This Satay Master was snapped in Singapore by Globetrotteri. Thanks for contributing!

Satay Master in Singapore

Read more about Globetrotteri’s trip to Singapore here on her blog My Several Worlds.

What is the food like where you live? Join our Food of the World photo group and share your photos.

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June 19, 2009 2 comments

What?! is going on in Singapore?

Ivy is a true third culture kid. She is officially Singaporean but was born in Malaysia and has already lived in four different countries – Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore and Canada.

Since graduating from university Ivy has been working in Singapore, and in Nanyate?! you can read about her life there. Look out for the Singapore Files posts – the most recent tells about Valentine’s Day in Singapore.

Valentine’s Day Garlic Prawn Pasta from Nanyate?!

She also writes about technology and other interests, which include anime, learning Chinese and Japanese (Nanyate?! means What?! in Japanese) and web design.

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