My first trip

It’s summer in the Northern hemisphere, so probably many of you are thinking about holidays, or at least escaping outside now and again. So for this month’s collaborative post we’ve been thinking about travel. If you’re in the Southern hemisphere, well, maybe you will read this and dream of the summer that’s coming up.

Colombia, the USA, India, Bulgaria… PocketCultures contributors from around the world write about their first trip abroad (or – since we haven’t all had the chance to travel abroad – their first big trip). Read on to find out where they went and what they did!

Nuria (Costa Rica)

I took my first trip abroad when I turned 15 years old. My parents and sisters celebrated this special birthday, Quince Años in Spanish, with me in San Andres Island, Colombia. It was the first time I was ever on a plane, so the trip was really exciting although it was only about an hour! I remember the day before leaving, I did not feel so good and I had a rash, so I went to the drugstore but they told me it was only an allergy. So, I did not pay that much attention to it. But the next day when we were at the airport, I had a fever and did not feel that good the following days. Since I thought what I had was a simple allergy, once I noticed some itchy, red dots on my legs, I just scratched them all.

Getting my hair braided


August 15, 2012 2 comments

Picture Postcards: A fridge in Romania

This is our contributor Carmen’s fridge in Romania.

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Bucharest Seen From the Arc of Triumph
Sweet-Sour Topoloveni Jam
Looking for Genuine Romanian Food?

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Picture Postcards: Traditional Dress in Romania

This month on Picture Postcards we will be focussing on traditional dress. Our regional contributor, Carmen Cristel, has sent in this photo of traditional dress in Maramures in the north of Romania.

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Bucharest seen from the Arch of Triumph
Picture Postcards: Bucharest carriage
Sweet-Sour Topoloveni Jam

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Happy Children‘s Day for all the Kids in the World !

Children & Clown in Cimigiu Park - Bucharest

Concerts in the park, contests with attractive prizes, toys and sweets,  clowns, cruises on the river Danube, a special tram for children, carnivals, parties, circus, theatre, music, dance and many more, that‘s how most children in my country are going to celebrate International Children’s Day on June the 1st.


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Bucharest Seen From the Arch of Triumph

Tourists may not know, and its inhabitants may have forgotten, how beautiful Bucharest can be.

I’ve realized that, together with the people who lined patiently, last Sunday, waiting to get inside the Arch of Triumph, visited the small museum, got to the upper terrace and admired the panorama from 27 meters high.

The Arch of Triumph - Bucharest,Romania - May 2012 / People line waiting to visit the inside museum and upper terrace


May 16, 2012 4 comments

From our contributors: week of April 2

Another week, another roundup of posts written by some of our contributors on their blogs.

Spinach gnocchi

Carmen, our contributor from Romania, writes about St. Patrick’s Day celebrations in Bucharest. (more…)

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