Karachi’s Third Literature Gala

The Karachi Literature Festival (KLF) was a unique event of this month. It gave an opportunity to authors and book lovers to join together and celebrate book-reading. Literature from Sindhi, Punjabi, Urdu, English, Seraiki (a fusion of Sindhi and Punjabi), English, French and German was discussed in the two day long event from 11-12 February, 2012.

The annual KLF was first launched in 2010 with a joint collaboration between British Council and Oxford University Press. The festival started with roughly 5,000 participants in 2010, but this year the number rose to a massive 15,000. (more…)

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Google+ creates a buzz in Pakistan

Pakistan has one of the fastest growing social media scenes in the world at the moment. Recently, it held its first international social media summit, with bloggers from Egypt, Malaysia and Indonesia attending alongside local bloggers.

So the release of Google+, the new social network from Google, has been greeted with quite some buzz among Pakistan’s tech bloggers. Faisal Kapadia, writing for Global Voices, compiled the following roundup of Pakistani blogger reactions to Google+:


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Kaleidoscope on Pakistan

Beenish Khan writes Kaleidoscope from Pakistan. She works as a software engineer and so writes a mixture of stories interspersed with techie news and recently updates on her new hobby of making cartoon strips!

Through reading her posts we can learn that many things in life don’t really change between different countries, while occasional posts (such as this one written after the bombing of the Marriott hotel in Islamabad) are a reminder that some aspects of life can be very different.

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Where to eat Pakistani food? in Topics of the World

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Where to eat Pakistani food?

Well the obvious answer to this question might be Pakistan. But if you don’t live there and can’t make a visit what are the options?

All Things Pakistan, with the help of its readers, has compiled a list of Best Pakistani Food outside Pakistan.

Most of the restaurants listed so far are from North America or the United Kingdom but there is a good selection of suggestions from other parts of the world as well.

Photo: sweets from All Things Pakistan

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All Things Pakistan featured in Pakistan blogs by Blogs of the World

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All Things Pakistan

Pakistan makes the news a lot recently, many times with stories about political turmoil and tragic bomb attacks.

All Things Pakistan is a group blog which aims to write about the many other facets of this dynamic and complex country. The focus is on encouraging discussion between Pakistanis and non-Pakistanis on different elements of Pakistani society.

The frequent and varied posts include a history of the Khyber Pass railway, Benazir Bhutto’s book (soon to be published) and their most-read post: Pakistani University rankings.

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