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Books from around the world, recommended by our contributors

In a recent online chat between PocketCultures contributors from around the world, we talked about books which reflect our countries and cultures. Here are our recommendations.

Art installation at ArteBA 2012. Photo by Ana O'Reilly


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From our contributors: week of May 20, 2013

Have a look at what some of our contributors have published on their blogs:

The Lighter, Astana. Photo credit: Celia

Mike, our contributor from Japan, published  a post titled One of the 170 Species Called Jatropha Plants is on Okinawa (Photos)

“It’s always a pleasure to give readers some interesting facts about plants and flowers. So, I go to great lengths researching any new ones I capture with the camera. Here are a few photos of Jatropha hastata found in the 21 Century Forest Park.That’s in Nago City, Okinawa, Japan and the plants were photographed Mar 11, 2013.” (more…)
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Picture Postcards: A free library in Auckland

Shipping Container Free Library in Auckland

From this week we will be looking at libraries, books, reading and literacy on Picture Postcards. I’ve snapped today’s photo in the Wynyard Quarter by the waterfront in Auckland, New Zealand. The man is taking advantage of a cozy reading spot in a ‘take a book, leave a book’ library. And, yes, that is a shipping container!

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LX Factory in Lisbon
Librería de Ávila, Buenos Aires’ oldest bookshop
The Bouquinistes of Paris

May 6, 2013 1 comment

Picture Postcards: Street scene in Auckland, New Zealand

Nice feeling in the city tonight

In February we will show you some street scenes around the world. This is an evening shot of my city, Auckland, with the Sky Tower rising in the background.

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Picture Postcards: Water walking in New Zealand

Where Kiwis come from

For the last in our series of water photos, I wanted to show you this one I took at a local shopping centre here in Auckland. This kind of activity is very popular with Kiwi (New Zealand) children.

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Games for Children Around the World
Songkran in New Zealand
Traditional Maori Craft in New Zealand

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Picture Postcards: A doorway in New Zealand


For our last doorway in the series I am submitting this photo of the entrance to a cafe in Auckland, New Zealand called Benediction.

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Marie in New Zealand

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