Mission, vision & cakes

This bit is about why we are here and what we’re trying to do. For more about the site and who we are see About PocketCultures


(for our readers)
We aim to be a place to find out about different countries and world cultures: personal observations and accounts of daily life, articles and interesting projects related to countries and cultures of the world. A place to understand how people of other places and cultures live, how do they dress, what do they eat, what music do they listen to, what do they think. All this not intermediated, but in a single interactive place and directly from the writers.

(for our writers and contributors)
We aim to forge links between writers of different countries all over the world; to give a voice and an audience to those who write from countries near and far, rich and poor, whether they are loved, hated or ignored by mainstream media.

(as an organanisation)
We aim to increase intercultural awareness by helping people of the world to see the other point of view and to think beyond stereotypes.

(as a company of employees)
We aim to look after the well-being of our employees and help them grow, supporting them in their goal of making a positive difference.


Our vision is a community of globally aware citizens from all over the world, united by their passion for
promoting understanding and respect for other cultures, and acceptance of our increasingly multicultural world.

PocketCultures provides a platform for these global friends to come together to discover and share tips, opinions and different cultural perspectives.


PocketCultures is pending application for non-profit status. We were formally registered as a partnership, but we have decided that non profit status better reflects our social objectives. We hope this will help us to better achieve our goal of raising awareness of world cultures and increasing understanding between people of different countries all over the world.

(Last updated 28th August 2013)