Arabic coffee for every occasion

Arabic coffee is strong, dark and sipped from tiny cups. It is drunk in most Arabic countries (although in North Africa tea is also very popular). Whereas in some countries it may be drunk plain and sweet, in Kuwait it is flavoured with cardamom and should never be drunk with sugar.

Each Arabic country has its own rituals concerning coffee and this descriptive article from The Kuwait Times writes about the Kuwaiti traditions of drinking Arabic coffee.

Maybe the most important tradition to know about as a visitor to Kuwait is that finishing your cup and handing it back to your host means that it will always be refilled. To show that you don’t want more you should shake the cup before giving it back. Useful to know if you want to be able to sleep!

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Family and photography in Kuwait

Read the smart and engaging BuYousef (Yousef’s dad) and you will get to peek at life in Kuwait.

Mohammad, as he is also known, likes photography and takes his camera almost everywhere. So there are plenty of photos of Kuwait and the other places his business takes him, both Middle East and further afield.

kuwait-towers-med.jpgPhoto: The Kuwait Towers from BuYousef.net

In between trips there are stories of family life with Um Yousef and children Noor and of course Yousef. In case that’s not enough there is also gardening and homing pigeons.

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