From our contributors: week of June 17, 2013

PocketCultures brings you some reading material written by our own contributors on their personal blogs. Happy reading!

Mike, our contributor from Japan, published a photo taken at the house of a priestess in Itoman Okinawa

Ski, our contributor from Hong Kong, wrote a post about the medicinal uses of snakes in Chinese medicine.

One of the earliest recorded use of snakes in Chinese medicine was the application of sloughed snake skin, described in the Shen Nong Ben Cao Jing (ca. 100 A.D.)? It was applied in the treatment of superficial diseases, including skin eruptions and eye infections or opacities.

Marie, our contributing editor from New Zealand, wrote about her feelings towards Asia in Coming of Age in Asia

When I first got to Asia I felt like I’d come home. For someone who doesn’t have a home town, that means a lot. I remember falling asleep in my tiny Hong Kong guesthouse with the TV on. I couldn’t turn it off because it was the familiarity of the Cantonese speaking that was lulling me to sleep. Asia was letting me know that I’d arrived where I was meant to. That I had some connection or reason for landing on this continent. Had I been here in another life? Why was it so familiar?

Anu, our contributor from India, describes her visit to a forest shrine in Wayanad.

A stone idol of Ganesha, with a small stone container (probably a lamp), with a feather lying by the side – doesn’t it look like the feather might be a quill, and the container might hold ink, ready for the Lord to pick it up and write? As the one who penned down the Mahabharata as Vyasa dictated it, the sight was appropriate, don’t you think?

Celia, our contributor from Kazakhstan, writes about natural disasters and earthquakes in that Central Asian country.

If you’re read­ing this and haven’t been to Kaza­khstan, I’m not sure what image you have of the peo­ple here. But I find my col­leagues and friends very thought­ful, and sev­eral peo­ple have asked me recently how things are in Okla­homa, as well as how the krizis (world­wide eco­nomic lag of the past few years) is affect­ing peo­ple at home.


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Picture Postcards: Reading the newspaper in India

Today’s literacy-related photo was sent in by our contributor in India, Anu. She says:

I clicked this one at a wedding I attended recently. the kid in the centre is my son and next to him are two of his cousins. and the one reading over their shoulder is a cousin of ours. it just illustrates the continuing importance of newspapers in our day to day life, at least in India. Even in the hustle of a wedding, they looked around for a newspaper and pored over it.. in case you are wondering what they were so absorbed in, it is the only game which brings out the best and worst in us – Cricket!! the IPL tournament was on, and all of them were eager to know the scores!!!

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From our contributors: week of May 20, 2013

Have a look at what some of our contributors have published on their blogs:

The Lighter, Astana. Photo credit: Celia

Mike, our contributor from Japan, published  a post titled One of the 170 Species Called Jatropha Plants is on Okinawa (Photos)

“It’s always a pleasure to give readers some interesting facts about plants and flowers. So, I go to great lengths researching any new ones I capture with the camera. Here are a few photos of Jatropha hastata found in the 21 Century Forest Park.That’s in Nago City, Okinawa, Japan and the plants were photographed Mar 11, 2013.” (more…)
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Indian Premier League: culture beyond cricket

Indian premier league is a plethora of culture. Each of the 9 teams that come from all across India represents a different set of cultures. Covering the entire length and breadth of the country, IPL has moved beyond cricket to be counted as a major platform for all the cultures across the country.

Royal Challengers Bangalore play Deccan Chargers in 2010 IPL


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From our contributors: week of April 7, 2013

Some of our contributors have been busy at work publishing great content on their personal blogs. Here’s a roundup of those articles.

Ski, our contributor from Hong Kong, wrote about  fresh food at Hong Kong markets

Food can’t get fresher than this in Hong Kong. The buyer inspects a chicken and then picks one which is healthy, energetic and has bright feathers. The butcher wastes no time in weighing the chicken to determine a price.  The rest, most people will say, it should be history and the focus should be a happy meal on the table. (I wouldn’t want to go into more details, but let’s just say most butchers try to make it quick and painless for the chicken by heading directly for its jugular vein.) (more…)

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Indian Marriages are a plethora of cultures

When it comes to Indian marriages nothing can beat it when it comes to the fun, cultural traditions  and the plethora of activities that takes place. India being a land of varied traditions and ancestral cultures descending from all parts of the world each community has their unique way of carrying out marriage ceremonies and the activities involved. (more…)

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