This island wants to be your friend

Inevitably, the research for my upcoming Iceland-trip led to reading and following Icelandic blogs – so I’ll use this opportunity to present some of the best blogs from the North Atlantic. For starters I’ve chosen the blog of Iceland itself, or to be more precise, the blog of Iceland wants to be your friend, a social media campaign initiated by the Icelandic tourist board.


In my opinion this is one of the nicest campaigns of recent years, and it enables you to befriend Iceland almost anywhere online, be that on Twitter, Flickr or Facebook – or on its own blog, where guest authors, both visitors and locals (like Annie Atkins, for example) write about their experiences on and with the Island. Have a look and become a friend.

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Dreams of fire and ice

I’ve been fascinated by Nordic culture and history as long as I can remember.

Viking fantasy written by Poul Anderson, old German myths like the Nibelung-saga, the whole pantheon of the old Norse gods like Odin an Thor always added fuel to the fire of my imagination. And thankfully I’m now living in a country that has a long history of Viking influences and visitors (Dublin itself was founded by Viking settlers in 814), so there has always been something new to discover.

But I’ve also been fascinated by the countries the berserkers came from: Norway, Sweden and especially Iceland have been on my to-visit-list for ages. This is why a good friend and I have decided to visit Iceland this year.

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Iceland wants to serve the world

So you’re a big company with loads of servers; big computers which power your website and other IT.

The servers need electricity to stay alive and they need cooling otherwise all that computing makes them overheat.

Where would you put them? A cold country with cheap electricity would do nicely.

Free electricity! Image credit: Nick55

Iceland thinks it is just the place. It’s fairly cold for most of the year, and the underground conditions that cause its geysers also provide abundant, cheap and clean geothermal electricity.

Read more from the BBC about Iceland’s reinvention as a data centre industry hub.

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The secret of Iceland’s free electricity

In the last few years the underground lakes which fuel Iceland’s famous geysers have been put to use lighting up those long winter nights – more than 25% of Iceland’s electricity is produced from geothermal energy and almost all homes in Iceland get their heating from hot water out of the ground. Not surprisingly, Icelandic companies like Exorka are among the most advanced in the world in new geothermal technologies.

Geothermal energy uses heat from under the earth’s surface either for heating or for producing electricity. When the underground temperature is hot enough (like in Iceland), electricity can be produced directly from the steam or hot water found beneath the surface.

It’s an emerging form of electricity generation but one which has a lot of potential – it’s reliable and doesn’t cause emissions or pollution. Even better, you don’t need to worry about rising fuel costs because the energy is free. This is good news given Iceland’s precarious financial situation.

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Iceland burns into the new year

Sunrise in Reykjavík was 11am this morning, and sunset at 4.11pm. However the lights are still on, and Iceland Eyes is here to tell us about it.

Most impressive is the photo of the new year’s eve brenna or bonfire. But there are many more interesting photos and observations.

Photo of New Years Eve bonfire from Icelandic Eyes

Iceland Eyes is also a finalist in the Best European blog category of the 2008 Weblog Awards. I think voting ends today but if you’re quick you may still be able to get your vote in!

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Icelandic Weather Report

After many years living abroad Alda returned to her native Iceland in 1994. She works as a translator, bringing Iceland to the world and the world to Iceland.

In The Iceland Weather Report Alda describes her life in ‘Niceland’, with almost daily updates on the weather and the Icelandic days – yesterday sunrise at 3.30am and sunset at 11.22pm.

Plus you can read a first hand account of this week’s big news, the strong earthquake which hit Iceland yesterday, near to Reykjavík.

Photo: Iceland in summer from The Iceland Weather Report

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