From our contributors: August 30

This roundup of posts published by our contributors on their personal blogs is now bi-weekly.  Happy reading!

Mike, our contributor from Japan, brings us an impressive photo essay about a cave called Shimuku Gama, located in Yomitan -Okinawa-, where a thousand villagers took refuge during the Battle of Okinawa in 1945. The monument to two local heroes is, indeed, a sobering sight.

“To appreciate what it must feel like being bombed into the Stone Age it’s probably best to show you this cave from the inside, looking out.  Welcome to a cave called Shimuku Gama in Yomitan Okinawa, Japan.”

Anu, our contributor from India, writes about different religious traditions and celebrations in India, especially those which are new to her. She comes across a new festival by chance while visiting a market. (more…)

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I wanted to experience a different lifestyle

Jennifer Kumar’s parents emigrated to the USA before she was born and she has lived in the USA and India. Here she talks about the different cultures which have influenced her life and why she decided to move to India.

In terms of identity do you feel American or Indian, or both? Is the question of nationality/identity relevant for you?
jk2Well, this question really fascinates me! I have got this question many a times from Americans, Indians and other Asians, even after meeting me face-to-face. However, the confusion is I am not Indian! My parents are actually Hungarian with no Indian background. I adopted many parts of Indian culture when I studied my Master’s degree in Chennai between 1999-2001. I was able to do this because I was virtually the only foreigner with little if no access to Western stuff 90% of the time I was there. A few years after I returned to US from India, I met my Indian husband. This is how I have an Indian last name.

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The view from Hungary

The Globe from My View is written by Ropi, a student in Budapest, Hungary.

Ropi posts many interesting things about Hungary. For instance, this post explains you must speak three languages to graduate from university. Since Hungarian is one of the most difficult languages for foreigners to learn, the extra languages probably come in useful.

Hungary celebrates its birthday every year on 20th August. Have a look here to watch some short videos of the celebrations (and a chance to listen to some Hungarian)

Update: This blog is no longer available. Try other Hungarian blogs on Blogs of the World.

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Food of the World: Paprikas Krumpli – a typical Hungarian dish
More about Hungarian food via Norci’s blog

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Paprikás krumpli

This Friday Food of the World photo comes from Hungary and is a kind of potato stew with paprika.

Thanks Norci for sharing the photo. You can see the original (plus recipe!) here.

Do you like talking about food? Join our Food of the World Flickr group to share photos of food where you live. We’ll choose one every Friday to post on PocketCultures.

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