Watch world movies online for free: dialogue of cultures film festival

From 1 to 14 November 2013 the 2nd Dialogue of Cultures International film festival is online. You can stream movies from Morocco, Portugal, Argentina, Philippines, Spain, Egypt, France, United Kingdom, Germany, Switzerland, Belgium, Austria and Kazakhstan.

She, a Chinese, directed by Xiaolu Guo


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Picture Postcards: Writing in France

Todays sample of writing from around the world comes to us from our contributor in France, Dee.  She says that the poem is a bit difficult to translate but it is about the necessity of protecting our environment for future generations. She also points out that the beautiful mural covering an ugly grey wall is a symbol of the Renaissance. Her other notes are below.


L’ARBRE BLEU (Blue Tree)
The Arbre Bleu by the painter Pierre Alechinsky is a superb mural associated with a beautiful poem by the writer Yves Bonnefoy.
It was part of an artistic program known as Murs de l’An 2000 (Walls of Year 2000) that was put in place to celebrate the Third Millennium.
L’Arbre Bleu – The Blue tree

Regarde ce grand arbre
Et à travers lui
Il peut suffire.
Car même déchiré, souillé,
L’arbre des rues,
C’est toute la nature,
Tout le ciel,
L’oiseau s’y pose,
Le vent y bouge, le soleil
Y dit le même espoir malgré
La mort.
As-tu chance d’avoir l’arbre
Dans ta rue,
Tes pensées seront moins ardues
Tes yeux plus libres,
Tes mains plus désireuses
De moins de nuit
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The influence of body image in our society

In many societies, people associate the perfect body image with success. Their perception of what a person should look like in order to be successful is heavily influenced by the media. Some of our contributors share how important body image is perceived to be in their countries and what that perception is influenced by.


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A month of books, reading and writing

During May we tried something new, with a theme of books, reading and writing throughout the site. In case you missed anything, here’s a roundup of PocketCultures book month. Thanks to Celia, PocketCultures contributor in Kazakhstan, for suggesting the topic.

Art installation at ArteBA 2012. Photo by Ana O'Reilly

On Picture Postcards we peeked at a free library housed in a container from New Zealand, the oldest public library in Paris, a chalkboard in Kazakhstan and a children’s culture section in a public library, again in New Zealand.

For a special collaborative post on books from around the world our contributors recommended books which represent each of their countries in some way.

On People of the World we interviewed a couple of people who are writing books: Alexey from Russia, who wrote his novella on his frequent train trips between Moscow and St Petersburg whilst working for a telecoms company, and Marcel, who is writing a book about the extraordinary life of his grandmother.

On Topics of the World, our Italian contributors Simona and Caterina both had something to say. In Italy is younger than you think, Simona explains a bit of Italy’s recent history, including origin of the Italian language as we know it, while Caterina shares her love of books, in particular one well known book about Italy, Forster’s A Room with a View.

And finally, some good news for book lovers: Ana wrote about the stunning Libreria El Ateneo in Buenos Aires, Argentina, which is housed in an old theatre, and full of people buying books.

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Picture Postcards: The oldest public library in Paris

Image courtesy of the commons at

This week’s photo was sent in by our contributor from Paris, France, DeeBee. She describes it as, “Bibiliothèque Mazarine the oldest public library in Paris – in the Palais de l’Institut de France – French Academy”.

May is book month on PocketCultures so look out for more books, reading and literacy related posts for the rest of the month.

Montmartre, France
The Bouquinistes
Gustave Eiffel

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Picture Postcards: Historical place in Paris, France

Starting this month we are looking at historical things and places around the world. To kick things off we have this photo by our contributor in France, DeeBee. She describes it as,

“France – Paris – Place de l’Alma: The Flame of Liberty turned into a Memorial to Princess Diana, just above the tunnel where she was killed in a tragic road accident on 31 August 1997.”

The French and Their Bread
Summer Solstice Celebrations in France
Childhood Memories of the Holiday Season

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