Falling in love with a Chinese man

Sara, who is a Finnish girl living in China, recently wrote a post on Seeing Red in China blog about her relationship with a Chinese migrant worker:

“Being in a relationship and living with a Chinese guy is a process of learning. My boyfriend doesn’t speak any English and our common language is Mandarin Chinese. After learning the language for year and a half in Finland and one year in China, I can manage and survive with it. It means that we aren’t discussing physics, but fortunately topics like, ”what should we eat” and ”what TV channel you want to watch” are more common topics in our relationship.

While dating a Chinese man means that in the end you marry his whole family. At the same time it seems to be that you also let other people to comment and criticize your relationship. Or the others give themselves the right to voice out their opinions.”


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Midsummer Night Eve in Finland: photo essay

Finland, the land of the midnight sun, celebrates the arrival of Summer after a long, dark winter. Our Flickr group contributor Irmeli Armo, aka Connectlrmeli, shared some stunning photos of Midsummer’s Night Eve in that Nordic country. Thank you, Irmeli!

View of Helsinki right after midnight. The sun sets at 10.50 PM and rises at 3.56 AM in the southern coast. It goes from dusk into dawn.

midnight in Helsinki


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Street Style from Finland

Some entertainment for the weekend: Hel Looks is a gallery of Helsinki street fashion, showing off the uniqueness of Finnish style.

The project is by Liisa Jokinen and Sampo Karjalainen and shows photos of ordinary people encountered on the streets of Helsinki. In a short interview the subjects share their inspiration and favourite sources of clothes, which range from famous designers to mum’s wardrobe!

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