What do you think about Ethiopia?

What do you think about Ethiopia? Deep from Ethiopia can guess:

Ask any non-Ethiopian what they think about Ethiopia and the answer will be a really grim one. The images of the 80’s are still burnt into many people’s minds. Images of war, famine and drought are really very hard to forget. You can add a guilt trip to it if you are the sensitive sort. These images are in fact so deeply ingrained that even the current generation thinks of Ethiopia as a desert land where nothing grows.

Read the rest of the post: What does it feel like to be an Ethiopian? before you make up your mind on this one.

You can easily read rest of the posts in one go – but to get a taste, take a look at driving in Ethiopia, and Ethiopian television.

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An Ethiopian feast

Thanks again to prondis in kenya for this photo, from an Ethiopian restaurant in Nairobi, Kenya.

A good helping for two

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