From our contributors: 26 July

Here’s another list of posts written by our contributors this week. Good reading!

Carmen, our contributor from Romania, brigs us a snapshot of Bucharest in summer.

“Every weekend of July & August, at Via Sport, Kiseleff Blv. in Bucharest is closed for cars and opened for people who like play sports: tennis, basketball, cycling, etc.”

From the archives of Jason‘s blog (our contributor from USA – West Coast): Quilting Bee in the Andes. [Bolivia]

“I later learned that the contest wasn’t about speed; it was about quality and village involvement. Each of the villages we support had a few months to weave a manta (Andean blanket)…”

Jenna, our contributor from Poland, writes about a chapel built in a salt mine in The Art of Salt.

This chapel is also over 100 meters underground, accessible via 54 flights of wooden planks stacked as steps that zigzag vertically down a narrow shaft, straight into the Earth’s throat. The room is also almost carved entirely, inside out, from a giant block of salt.

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From our contributors: 12 July

Here’s this week’s roundup of posts published by our contributors on their personal blogs. This is your opportunity to get to know more about the people behind PocketCultures.

Jason, our contributor from the US (West Coast), writes about his experiences living in Bolivia, including a visit to the Witches’ Market in La Paz: The La Paz. (more…)

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Journey to Bolivia

Indigenous Bolivia is a journey which includes some of Bolivia’s villages and more out of the way places. On the way there are plenty of small films and photos to learn about different customs of indigenous people living in Bolivia.

The site can take a while to load because there are so many photos but there are some interesting things here, such as the Sagrada Coca Group who you can watch singing in the Aymara language.

If you read Spanish the Spanish version Bolivia Indigena contains more lengthy explanations.

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