An Italian in Europe

Today we welcome a new contributor to People of the World. Simona Morachioli is from Italy but currently lives in Germany, and she put her cross cultural experience to work in this interview with a fellow Italian living abroad, Cecilia.

Cecilia, tell us a bit about you. How would your friends describe you?

I am Cecilia, I am 28 years old and I come from a small & beautiful town in Italy. Since 2009, due to my studies or to business reasons, I have been living in 5 different Countries: Holland (Amsterdam), Belgium (Brussels), Germany (Frankfurt), England (London) and Spain (Barcelona- where I currently live, pursuing my second Master degree).

My friends would describe me as an outgoing person, who loves travelling and experiencing new things all the time. In my free time, I enjoy attending fitness classes, hanging out with my friends in front of a glass of Bailey’s and Skyping with my family.

Cecilia in Amsterdam

What is the pitch and the peak of being always on the move

The pitch of being always on the move is that after a while it gets difficult to understand where you belong to. But that is a peak as well.
On one hand, I am exposed to a lot of different inputs that continuously enrich me. On the other hand, I became a sort of cultural hybrid who does not have defined boundaries.


April 25, 2013 3 comments

Is it easy to learn Malaysian culture?

Test your cultural expertise with our weekly quiz question. This week’s question is from Malaysia.

The cultural uniformity of Malaysia makes learning business and social protocol relatively easy to learn.

True or False?


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Which part of Belgium takes mealtimes more seriously?

Test your cultural expertise with our weekly quiz question. This week’s question is from Belgium, which is divided into two main regions – Flanders (in the North) and Wallonia (in the South).

Eating patterns differ between the northern and the southern parts of Belgium. Which pays more attention to tradition and family in mealtime habits?

A. Flanders.
B. Wallonia.


April 7, 2011 4 comments

Portugal abroad: a historical journey through Europe

Today Portugal celebrates Our Lady of Conception’s Day. She was proclaimed the godmother and Queen of Portugal on March, 25, 1646, by the Portuguese King D. Joao IV, during the Independence Restoration wars (1640-1668) and after sixty years of Spanish rule (1580-1640). The kings of Portugal have never worn the Portuguese Crown again. The Portuguese monarchy ended in 1910.

In this post we’ll explore some historical traces of Portugal around Europe.

Zamora (Spain): birth of the Portuguese nation

The 5th of October 1143, in Zamora, in the Kingdom of Castilla y Leon (Castile and León) a treaty was signed between the King of León and Castile, Alfonso VII, and the King of Portugal, Afonso Henriques. By this treaty, Portugal became an independent country and the oldest European nation. Last summer vacation, on my way to Portugal, I visited Zamora Cathedral, where the treaty was signed and my country, legally, was born. As you may guess, it was a very special moment for me.


December 8, 2010 15 comments

The perfect Belgian lunch

‘A perfect lunch’ from seikinsou, from the Cercle des Voyageurs cafe in Brussels. Thanks for sharing it!

A perfect lunch

Seikinsou writes: “I enjoyed my tagliatelle with a creamy and delicious Madras curry sauce (very mild… it could have been a lot hotter for me), some brown bread and a pot of masala tea, followed by the very best Dame Noire ice cream (chocolate ice cream with a hot chocolate sauce) I have ever had”

I think we would all like to try it…

And if you liked this, check out our Food of the World photo group on Flickr to see more photos posted by PocketCultures readers around the world. We’d love to see yours too! Just join the group and add your photos.

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