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Capturing the soul of Istanbul

It is said that Native Americans and Australian Aborigines used to refuse to be photographed, claiming a photograph will steal or capture their soul. Indeed, a photograph could capture the soul of a city.

The first bridge in the fog
The first bridge in the fog, by Brian Underdown

British expat Brian Underdown just does so. He takes photos of the city, where he lives in and shares them on his blog Brian is a professional photographer for over 25 years and lives in Istanbul since 2009. His work appeared on Hürriyet national daily newspaper and TimeOut Istanbul magazine besides numerous other magazines. has two main sections; “Istanbul Life” and “Istanbul Photography”. While “Istanbul Life” section doubles as the author’s journal, the main emphasis of the blog is on the photography section.

Topics of the blog depends on the daily observations of Brian and varies from “The Dancing Birds over Besiktas” (Besiktas is a district in Istanbul) to “Sapphire above Istanbul” (Sapphire is the tallest building in Europe). Even though I also live in Istanbul (Asian side), sometimes I find out what’s happening on European side (e.g. first snow fall etc.), thanks to Istanbulblogger.

Updates of could be followed via Twitter on @istanbulblogger

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Salep: Messenger of winter in Turkey
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April 5, 2011 7 comments

Messenger of winter in Turkey: Salep

What is your favourite winter drink? Hot chocolate? Oregon Chai? Or simply a cup of coffee? Most Turks will answer that question with ‘Salep’, the most popular winter beverage in Turkey. When you see “Salep sold here” signs at the windows of the pastry shops, coffee houses or spot salep vendors in the streets, you know winter is already here.

A cup of salep, garnished with cinnamon by fikirbaz


January 26, 2011 13 comments

Daily life in Turkish Riviera and beyond

Julia Power and Barry Dawber are among the 7,000 British citizens permanently live in Fethiye, a city in the Turkish Riviera and one of Turkey’s well-known tourist centres. They came to travel around Turkey just for 6 months in 2003, instead they bought a house and settled in the Land of the Lights, or Telmessos, as Fethiye was known in the ancient times.

Fethiye in Winter

They have been blogging their day by day experiences on their blog Turkey’s For Life since 2009. In their own words, the blog “tries to focus on all of the many positive and great things about Fethiye and other parts of Turkey”. Blog’s topics include recommendations for places to see, eat and drink and things to do in Fethiye.

From time to time the couple share their impressions of their excursions to Istanbul, Antalya, Greek islands and other parts of Turkey. Occasionally they try some original Turkish recipes and share them on their blog.

The authors’ attention to detail in their surroundings results intriguing topics which even most Turks would read with interest. Turkey’s For Life is a useful source of information about Fethiye & local culture, for those who want to travel to Turkey or who are interested in Turkish culture.

Turkey’s for Life

Turkey’s For Life could also be followed on Facebook, Twitter and Flickr. Photos courtesy of Turkey’s for Life.

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Kemal Pasha dessert / Kemalpaşa tatlısı

January 11, 2011 4 comments