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Exploring culture through Anthropology

Australian blog Culture Matters is a space for students and staff at Macquarie University, Sydney to share and highlight trends in anthropology. The blog explores both Australian and international issues affecting asylum seekers, refugees and indigenous people.

One of the site’s top posts, On being ‘black’ in Australia and the U.S, discusses ways in which we imagine identity and attribute race. There is also a great discussion in the comments section on identity and labels.

Join the conversation here and visit this site to learn more about practical applcations for anthropology in day to day life.

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A blogging bootmaker with a passion for volunteering


The photo above, shared by Jim McIntosh, was taken during his volunteer placement with the Elephant Human Relations Aid (EHRA), a Namibian organisation working on long-term sustainable solutions to facilitate the peaceful co-habitation between farmers, the community and desert elephants.


April 11, 2011 14 comments

Aussie couple inspiring others to travel

Aussie couple Caz and Craig Makepeace have been travelling the world since 1997 and are inspiring others to do the same through their ytravel blog community. In this Q&A, Caz shares her views on Australian culture, moving abroad and living life without a schedule.

How do you think growing up on the East Coast of Australia shaped your views on travel and living abroad?

As a child, I was always out exploring my local area, whether swimming at the beaches or hiking through the bush. Australia’s outdoor lifestyle had me hooked on adventure and nature. I always wanted to explore what else was out there. Going on family holidays to many of the East Coast beach towns was always a fun adventure into the unknown. I came to love the beauty of world, and began to recognize just how much the planet had to offer, even if my experience of it was only in my backyard.


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Passionate about Asia

Fili’s World is a blog written through a “Western-Israeli yet culturally sensitive perspective”.

The site started in March 2005 after its founder, Fili, decided to record his journey after travelling to Asia. He’s currently studying for a PhD in Hong-Kong SAR, China and his regularly updated blog features sections on Taiwan, China and Hong Kong.

Explore Fili’s World and you’ll also discover expat blogs, and reviews of Israeli music and Albanian castles.

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Sharing travel experiences through photography


Photographer. Writer. Designer. Skier. Cyclist. Camper. Outdoor Enthusiast. That’s Jeff Bartlett’s twitter bio.

And in this interview with PocketCultures, Jeff shared his thoughts on his freelance travel writing and photography.

Jeff, are you a self-taught photographer or was there someone or something that inspired your interest in photography?

I’m definitely not self-taught. I have a diploma in Journalism and Photography from Western Academy of Photography in British Columbia, Canada. I also recently completed MatadorU’s travel photography program. My initial interest came from time spent in the mountains. I’ve always been into hiking, skiing, and cycling and have had the opportunity to visit some amazing places. Photography was the best way to share these experiences with others.


December 30, 2010 1 comment

A world traveller who loves going home

PocketCultures reader, Anne-Sophie Redisch (Sophie), is a bilingual freelance writer and translator based in Norway.


She has travelled to more than 100 countries on six continents, having lived in the USA and New Zealand. Sophie is the Oslo local expert for NileGuide and destination expert for Matador.

I asked Sophie a few questions about her blog, Sophie’s World, life in Norway and travelling with kids.

How did you end up in Norway?

Norway is home. I lived in the USA during my university years. Later, I took advantage of our beneficial parental leave arrangements and spent half a year living in New Zealand with my daughters. I enjoyed it heaps – we lived in a sweet, little village called Devonport near Auckland on the North Island. But I always seem to return to Norway. It’s a good place to raise children.


November 4, 2010 5 comments