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A trip of bromance: a fun trip to Digha with friends.

It was one of those unplanned trips that just take place on the spur of a moment. The trip was to get away from the monotony of the sapping work life. We decided to take a trip on the sea shores that can be accessed locally from the city of joy. That, well, everybody’s guess is Digha; and it was.

Braving the sea. Photo credti: Mitrajit Biswas

Braving the waves and boulders. Photo credit: Mitrajit Biswas

Tipped on the shore of East Midnapore, it’s a three-and-half-hour train journey from Kolkata. As for the train journey, if you want to pull back and have a nice cup of tea at the relaxed disposition, then a reservation is a must. I took the liberty of not going for reservations along with my band of cousin brothers. The typical guy thing. Then you are on the way in a general train compartment where finding a seat is like gold dust, which we could muster with much hullabaloo. And then you are in the wind (pun intended) along with a plethora of hawkers, excited low budget travelers and even Eunuchs asking for money with their choicest words. (more…)

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Indian Premier League: culture beyond cricket

Indian premier league is a plethora of culture. Each of the 9 teams that come from all across India represents a different set of cultures. Covering the entire length and breadth of the country, IPL has moved beyond cricket to be counted as a major platform for all the cultures across the country.

Royal Challengers Bangalore play Deccan Chargers in 2010 IPL


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Indian Marriages are a plethora of cultures

When it comes to Indian marriages nothing can beat it when it comes to the fun, cultural traditions  and the plethora of activities that takes place. India being a land of varied traditions and ancestral cultures descending from all parts of the world each community has their unique way of carrying out marriage ceremonies and the activities involved. (more…)

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Sports and Culture

Sports is not only a gateway of recreation for many but if we look closely at it, then it also a mirror which reflects cultural aspirations.

East Bengal fans

Photo credit:

If we look at football clubs across the globe, we will find that most of them are in fact cultural representatives. Be it the rivalry of culture versus region culminating in the Glasgow Rangers and Celtic tour local rivarly of East Bengal and Mohun Bagan, which are sub cultural clashes of the Bengali community resulting in the formation of two professional Sports Clubs.

Similarly across England, the home of football, all the clubs carry behind them a cultural heritage like Manchester clubs representing the different cultural ethos. Move over to any part of the globe, and various sports clubs have garnered fan following and rivalry with others standing on the dimension of their local socio-cultural situation.

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Going local: foreign brands in India

Rangoli- colourful Indian chalk paintings

How superheroes impacted our culture

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How have Superheroes impacted our culture

Superheroes have always been the object of our obsessed fantasy but they also have impacted cultures since their inception.

Krrish (photo:

Krrish (photo:

Every superhero belonging to a distinct and definitive culture has brought in facets that are closely attributed to culture of a certain people and ever growing. Be it Superman, who came in with his so called distinctive and colured clothing and exuberant optimism of the USA back in the 1930′, to my favorite, Batman, representing the darker, Gothic and uncertain times when he was created reflecting the cultural mood of the US during World War II.

Not only US superhero or fantasy characters have also created their own cultural brand identity as icons. There are others like Harry Potter or even in India superheroes like Shaktimaan or Krrish.

The journey of superheroes is forever changing. As the socio-cultural system ever changes, superheroes adapt too, as did Captain America, reflecting the new American hope in today’s world; though he had been in comics since World War II or ,the nordic god of Thunder, who is now an American movie franchise of Marvel studios. Truly worth the superheroes weight.


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Going local: foreign brands in India

What is Pujas all about

What defines a culture? 


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Going local: foreign brands in India

Isn’t it funny to see how  foreign brands, when coming to shores of different culture like India, adapt themselves to suit the local needs? They also make themselves the household brand names, be it Nokia or Pepsi in India, saying “Youngistaan Meri Jaan” (the power & dreams of our youth drives the nation). Imagine this American brand turning itself into Desi products, which we are readily accepting as it shows how much we have broken the barriers of culture.


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