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The Opposite End of China

West China based – Xinjiang province. Commentary of life about many topics in this remote part of China not often seen: good to have a look!

The Opposite End of China

UPDATE (May 2009): this blog seems to be unavailable at the moment. Try our other Chinese blogs.

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1001 Inventions

1001 Inventions logo - link back to home page        16th century bazaar manuscript

From the 8th Century, Muslim tradition and culture set trends in eating, music and style that still influence us today. Their experiments, discoveries and inventions with liquids, light and time opened the door to myriad new chemical compounds, measurements of time in precise and minute detail and devices used in space observation and deep sea exploration. Also a book has been published to collect this beautiful collection of information and images.

November 27, 2007 Comments disabled

Train to the Roof of the World

China’s new 1,200-mile railway crosses some of the harshest terrain on the planet. Plug in your oxygen supply. 47 hours of sceneries from Beijing to Lhasa. All aboard the Tibet express, reading this article of the American magazine ‘Wired’

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Just a little something from India

jeep safari

Anita is writing from India since 2002 and tells about life and travel in this beautiful country. Definitely worth a look!

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Rebecca’s pocket

One of the original bloggers, with a typically North American blogging style. She has been maintaining her site since April 1999. She posts frequently, on topics including current events, sustainability, web culture, and domestic life.

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