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making baby food

It seems it is popular to make your own baby food in some countries but not in others. What about in your country?

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Marie Szamborski
Marie lives in Auckland, New Zealand but was born in the United States and is a dual-national. She has lived in five countries altogether but sees New Zealand as her real home base. She loves travel, and living in multi-cultural Auckland is the next best thing to being out there.
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  • All our friends here in Turkey make their own baby food which is great, yet surprising for me, because the big supermarkets are getting more and more of a foothold and convenience foods are, sadly, more popular as a result.

  • In the UK mothers are encouraged to feed their babies the same food as the rest of the family are eating – the guidance is that from 6 months babies can just eat mashed food and don’t need purees. So I try to make food that we can all eat so I don’t need to cook specially for the baby. My friends who work outside the house often make extra in the evening and freeze it so the baby can eat next day at lunchtime.

  • Diane

    Mothers in the US are brainwashed from the very beginning. They are told to trust pain management medication. Then trust baby formulas. Then trust baby foods. We don’t know our own strength. I hid the fact that I sitched my daughter to goat milk (from my own mothers farm) at nine months from her pediatrician due to injections I had to take. I didn’t have to worry in the end – she approved. And if you DO decide to take feeding into your own hands, you are seen as rogue!! This is why we are raising kids that don’t know what real food is. If its wrapped, canned, bottled, cellophaned, frozen or boxed its deemed safe. It’s very sad.