Here are five little known facts about Portugal sent in by Sandra, our Portuguese contributor. Take five minutes to learn more about this country located in the Iberian Peninsula.

1. The Portuguese Gorreana Tea is Europe’s oldest remaining tea company,dating from 1883.

2. The Portuguese Princess, Catarina de Bragança (25 November 1638 – 31 December 1705), queen consort of Charles II of England (1662-1685), introduced the habit of drinking tea in Britain.

3. The oldest bookstore in the world (1732) is Bertrand in Lisbon (Chiado district).

4. Portugal is the oldest country in Europe with defined frontiers (Alcanizes Treaty,1297) and also the oldest nation-state, since the 5th October 1143.

5. Portugal and England signed the oldest, and still active, diplomatic alliance in the world, (Windsor Treaty, 1386).


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