Following last week’s post about what young Chinese think about life, this week we’re featuring India, the second country from photographer Adrian Fisk’s iSpeak project.

The following photos show something of India’s diversity – in terms of language, religion, lifestyles – with the aim of understanding what young people think about and where the country is headed. Does it work? Take a look and tell us what you think.

‘Wake up! Indians are coming!’

Saksham Bhatia – 16 yrs, Hindu, New Delhi, Senior School student

‘The world is like our family so we should live here peacefully’.

Sahab Singh – 19 yrs, Hindu, Uttar Pradesh, Student studying french.

‘I am an auto rickshaw driver. I pray to Lord Jaganath to help me become a taxi driver’

Laxmi Kanta Baral- 20 yrs, Hindu, Orissa, Auto Rickshaw driver (language: Oriya)

‘Suspicious identity of Muslims in India and all over the world’.

Yusra Khan – 20 yrs, Muslim, New Delhi, Student of Computing BA(Hons)

‘Despite the blood running in Indians bodies, along with bones and flesh all being the same, the educated, uneducated, employer, employee, rich and poor, are not treated the same way’

T Ravathi – 23 yrs, Hindu, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, House wife with two children. Husband works as an electrician during day and peanut seller during the evening (language: Tamil)

‘My father has TB and we can’t afford a doctor’

Sanjukla Behara – 18 yrs, Orissa, Farming family (Illiterate)

‘I do not like wearing the sari’

Sheela – 23 yrs, Hindu, Gujarat, House Maid (language: Hindi)

‘Arrange marriage makes better than love marriage’

Satya Narayan Pradhan – 30 yrs, Hindu, Runs an internet cafe.

‘My wish was to marry a person of my choice. But because of my father I had to marry. I want to be free. But due to the prevailing situation my family was forced’

Rabia Shebu – 20 yrs, Muslim, Kashmir, Housewife with one child, Husband studying at college (language: Urdu)

‘I want to invent a smokeless engine that contributes to a reduction in global warming’

Naveen Kumar – 21 yrs, Hindu, Tamil Nadu, Assembles engines for a tractor company (language: Tamil)

‘Like you, we need the same things in life’

Bharati – 23 yrs, Muslim, Bombay, Prostitute – Has one child and is pregnant with another (Illiterate)

‘Lost and searching between the two worlds’

Parveen Khan – 17 yrs, Father Muslim / Mother (French) Christian / Lives in Hindu area, Rajastan, Schoolgirl

‘I want to go home but…..’

Karsang Yarphel – 29 yrs, Buddhist, Himachal Pradesh, Waiter (Tibetan refugee)

‘Because I am unemployed I roam around with other boys, so people call me a vagrant. This makes me sad’

Akhilesh Kumar – 20 yrs, Hindu, Bihar, Unemployed (language: Hindi)

‘My dream is to be an airhostess! Yes an airhostess, fly, fly and only fly not only birds can fly’

Rosy Trivedi – 20 yrs, Hindu, Punjab, Air-hostess student

‘In Mumbai a man without an education can easily earn a living, but getting water is difficult’

Sumit Gaikwad – 19 yrs, Bombay, Hindu, Junior college studying commerce (language: Marathi)

‘I want change’

Jimika Shangma – 29 yrs, Christian, Assam, Primary school teacher, Mother of one child (language: Assamese)

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