Falling in love with a Chinese man

Sara, who is a Finnish girl living in China, recently wrote a post on Seeing Red in China blog about her relationship with a Chinese migrant worker:

“Being in a relationship and living with a Chinese guy is a process of learning. My boyfriend doesn’t speak any English and our common language is Mandarin Chinese. After learning the language for year and a half in Finland and one year in China, I can manage and survive with it. It means that we aren’t discussing physics, but fortunately topics like, ”what should we eat” and ”what TV channel you want to watch” are more common topics in our relationship.

While dating a Chinese man means that in the end you marry his whole family. At the same time it seems to be that you also let other people to comment and criticize your relationship. Or the others give themselves the right to voice out their opinions.”

Read the rest of the post here.

Sara also has her own blog where she writes about her experiences in China, including comparisons between life in Finland and China.

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  • Thank you for the links Liz!

  • Susan

    Hi Sara i have been surfing all over trying to find out more on how to make Lee happy. He is chinese and i am american. we used to talk here and there for 3-4 months but have now realized that we want something more. i want to totally make him happy. He is so understanding and affectionate. we listen to each other all of the time. is there more i can to do to assure i can keep him. Should i come right out and ask him if he can teach me his language and writtings?