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Passion for road Trips” was started in April 2007 by Subodh. Updated actively since June 2009, this blog focuses on travel tales from Kerala, India. These are budget travels, mostly on a two-wheeler and bring forth the mesmerizing beauty of God’s own country (as Kerala is sometimes known).

An engineer by profession and a traveller by passion, Subodh occasionally blogs about his travels to places outside Kerala including Coorg and Bangalore.

Check out some of the most popular posts on his blog like the Coorg tour diary comprising three parts as well as the Panchalimedu – An unexplored hill near Kuttikanam in Kerala.

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Arwa Lokhandwala
An Indian expat in the Netherlands, Arwa Lokhandwala is a freelance writer, writing on travel, culture and expat related issues. A voracious reader, a curious traveler, and an amateur photographer, she has featured in a number of online publications including the Lonely Planet. She loves people, colors, festivals, and cultures. Read about her expat tales and travel adventures on her blog - Orangesplaash.
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  • Thanks for this post Arwa. Kerala looks so beautiful, I hope to have chance to visit it one day. I didn’t know it was known as God’s own country (apparently sharing the name with New Zealand!). Do you know how that originated?

  • @ Liz: Sure. You should visit it whenever you plan a trip to India next.
    Regarding the tagline “God’s own country” – this has been widely used by the Kerala Government Tourism Department in its campaigns for the state and has over the years become synonymous with Kerala. The state’s natural beauty and its wonderful surroundings justify the name completely.

  • Rahul

    U may know this already but there is a story behind this as well. It is somewhat like this. The Sage Parasurama was instructed by the Gods to create a settlement of Brahmins as penance for his sin of killing all the kshatriyas (this he had done to avenge his father). In order to help him in this, Varuna, the God of Oceans, asked him to throw his weapon (an axe) into the ocean and told him that where the axe strikes, from there, land will rise from the ocean. It is believed that this land is Kerala. Hence, God’s own country. The strange thing is that there is scientific evidence that Kerala was indeed a submerged piece of land, centuries back.