Italian Pasta – The Indian Way!

Mumbai street food

Not that I don’t like pasta- I simply love the traditional Italian serving. As it is, the Italian dishes are quite suitable to the Indian sensibilities because of the spicy flavor. But when we visited India last year, we got to try the “Indian” version of pasta in Mumbai.

For the uninitiated, Mumbai has a great roadside snacks culture and this is one of the things that I miss the most now I am living in The Netherlands. Coming back to the pasta – it was done with spices, tomatoes, and lots of veggies. It looked great and tasted delicious as well. Since then, I have replicated the success in my kitchen too!!

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  • Nice post! I’d like to try this. It’s interesting how the street food gets influenced by different cultures, like last week’s Kenyan samosas.

  • @ Liz: Thanks!Yeah sure, give it a try. Its fun giving a local touch to these global dishes. I make Dutch pancakes in the Indian way too sometimes :)

  • Really? Like with a spicy sauce?

  • It is fun to mix traditions from different countries in the same dish :)

  • @ Liz: Yeah, making it a little less sweet, and adding some spices!

  • @ ana: True,and that way you learn cooking both the dishes :) The best investment can be probably to have a good cook book

  • Very interesting! And I will take a look at the Flickr group too :-) Wishing you a great day!

  • Yum – Italian & Indian are two of my favourites i’m definitely making a spicy pasta this week!

  • @ A Touch of Dutch: Thanks so much, am glad you enjoyed this. Have you tried adding a personal touch to the local recipes too?
    Wish you a great day too!

  • @Rebecca :) Great to hear that. Wish you all the best for it!

  • I love pasta and Indian food equally and the prospect of trying out the Indian version of pasta has got my mouth watering like crazy…..

  • @ William : Thats so nice to hear. Do try it out and do share what you think of it!