Colombian barbeque

Piqueteadero en Tenjo

Thanks to progresivo for sharing this photo of a piqueteadero in Tenjo, Colombia. He writes ‘eater’s discretion is advised’. Sounds like good advice!

From Wikipedia a piqueteadero is a typically Colombian restaurant selling meat for picnics (called piquetes in Colombian). We’d love to know more – Colombians please tell us.

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  • Manuel

    Well, piquete is a term used mostly in Bogotá and the surrounding region regarding a barbecue, all sorts of meat cuts and meat related food are grilled there, such as morcilla, chicharrón, hígado, etc. I’ve never been able (or been brave enough) to try them all :-D

  • Thanks for the explanation! I never heard the term piquete used in Spain (not with this meaning anyway!)

    In the UK we have something similar to morcilla, I think, called black pudding. I’ve never been brave enough to try that :)

  • Sean O.

    Black pudding and white pudding are some of my favorite breakfast meats; there’s a soccer pub in Chicago that serves them. Tons of flavor. In Chile, they called a piquete a “Parrillada”, though they were usualy small grills served tableside. Blood sausage = Mouth is watering!