Boboteaza (Epiphany in Romania)

 Most of Christians in Romania celebrated yesterday Boboteaza – the day when Jesus Christ was baptized in the Jordan River by John The Baptist.

Together with Saint John Day on the 7th of January, it symbolizes the end of the winter Christmas holidays.

During a special religious service called “Great Holy Water” the waters are blessed. These waters (called Agheazma) are said to maintain their freshness all year long and to have miraculous powers . People attend in great number the religious service and queue when it ends, to fill their bottles with the Agheazma .

Photos taken yesterday morning at Kretulescu Church in the Center of Bucharest

Taking a sip of holy water every morning, before eating, it is said to act like a talisman, protecting you from troubles, bringing peace of mind and soul.

Popular traditions also say that young people who are not married and put a twig of blessed basil, given by their priest, under their pillow, the night before Boboteaza, dream of their future spouse.

Find out more about Boboteaza traditions on Romania Simply Surprising.

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  • Steve

    Hi Carmen!….I am from the US and absolutely loved your interesting explanation and photos of Boboteasa. I fell in love with Romania after spending 6 weeks there in 2009. I met some of the most wonderful people there and I love learning about the religious and cultural traditions besides all the beautiful countryside, sea, and mountains. I hope to come there again as soon as i can…and maybe one day spend Christmas and Boboteasa there as well!