An Indonesian wedding with a difference

This story is from Santi, about her (almost) traditional Indonesian wedding. Check out the photos to see what happened!

Traditionally the bride kisses the groom’s hand to show respect…

…But this time the groom kissed the bride’s hand too!

Santi wrote: This scene happened after the ijab kabul (wedding vow) during our akad (religious ceremony). Normally, the wife should kiss the husband’s hand to show her respect, and in return the husband should kiss her forehead to show his love.

But when I told (future) husband about this, he asked, “Why don’t we rather kiss each others’ hands?” I immediately liked the idea, and we agreed to do it, without telling anybody. When husband was kissing my hand, the guests were shouting ‘ooooh’ ‘aaaaah’ out of surprise. You can even see my brother’s face LOL .. who was looking at me as he suspected it was all my idea.

Read the original on Santi’s blog.

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  • V_loves_TL

    that is so cool, making it traditional but also making it your own. i need help, what type of food do u have at a traditional indonesian wedding? im English and i am doing this for my school report, i have almost finished but i have no idea what they have at weddings Please Help

  • Hi V. Why don’t you get in touch with Santi through her blog (linked in the post above). She’s very kind and I’m sure she will be happy to help you.

    Good luck with your report!